So much going on so little time!

This weekend is my 25th birthday!! So excited to go to Carmel with my hubby wonder around the streets and shop a little.

Next week we have appointments galore... From baby appt. to house inspections. This is all happening so fast two more steps left till we get the ball really rolling on this house. And if we get it we will be moving in this time next month.

And then the baby shower is next month I can't wait for it to get here and see everyone pretty much everything is done minus the food and some balloons. I think I need to pick one more game also.

Then of course in 3 months (maybe even 2) our little man Kayden will be here!

Such a crazy year so far and it's only gonna get crazier but I can't wait!

On to the next one...

Haven't updated in a little while. The house we put an offer in on was sold to someone else but if it doesn't go as planned we are next in line... I'm not holding my breath though.

We had a discussion with our realtor after our pretty awkward search last week and we decided we will keep looking at Tracy but adding Mountain House and townhouses (if they have 3 rooms) to the search. I have a feeling our new home will be in mountain house which isn't a bad thing even though I hate wind. Lol

So this weekend Mountain House will be meeting the Luciano's and hopefully will let us stay.

EXCITED!! My new Planner will be at my door step tomorrow!! thank god I'm feeling a little unorganized lately.

My latest crave/addiction plain tart yogurt with strawberries and chocolate chips. Yummm