No Sleep till Brooklyn...

Its been awhile since I visited my mom in New York I was hesitant as to how I would feel about it so many different opinions about New York I went and surprisingly I enjoyed it, every part of it I didnt know the word to describe it though until Ish called me. I told him where I was and he said “that’s so wonderful, isn’t it magical!” And that is it, that is the word I was looking for Magical!

It was the first time I saw my mom truly happy with her life I saw it in the first night of being there we walked to mcdonalds two blocks up then headed over to the brooklyn bridge park we sat down on the bench and started to eat our mcdonalds we were looking out at the city and I started to cry it hit me finally that this is where my mom lives now and she fits here, it feels right. She noticed I started to cry I told her it wasn’t a sad cry it was I’m happy for you cry. After that we sat for a bit longer and I swear I saw a squirrel lunge at us and it broke the silence and tears into laughter. (no squirrel, just my moms shoes out of the corner of my eye) we walked back to her apartment. 

My mom is no longer living in Brooklyn New York which makes me happy I have her closer but sad at the same time. I know that if she ever does go back though she will be happy I know what its like to have your mind wonder off and wish you were living in your favorite city weather it be San Francisco, LA, or New York where ever it may be you always feel something pulling your heart there and you never truly come back.