Happy Halloween!

Although Kayden was a rabbit for our extended families Halloween Party, tonight he will be a Dragon! I know I know he is in a dinosaur theme room & not only that he was born the year of the Dragon which when we picked the costume we did not think of that we just thought it was freakin cute and also 10 bucks for a costume even for a baby is hard to come by. Thank you Costco!! And on that note here is by adorable little Dragon below. We won't be going out this year but he will be answering the door with daddy in his cute little outfit cause lets face it the last thing we need is candy laying around the house that only Greg & I will eat. :)

Bowersmith's Halloween Bash!

We had the best time minus a few incidents but otherwise we had tons of fun. For Kayden's first Halloween he did pretty good some people freaked him out with their costumes but he was ok & also slept great the night lol.

Cruzin' down the street...

"It's hard to find people who would love you no matter what. I was lucky enough to find three of them."-Carrie Bradshaw 

I love this quote, when I first heard it on sex and the city I immediately thought of my best friend Becca she always seems to stick around no matter what we face together & it's hard to think at one point in our lives we weren't talking  we've gone thru a lot as friends. love, mistakes, & heart break, but no matter what she & I never judge each other & she is the only friend who knows every thing about me. She actually takes the time to listen to what I have to say & I try to do the same for her. I'm proud to call her my best friend & to be her little girls auntie & godmother. She is such a great mom & friend & I hope she knows how much I appreciate & love our friendship. I'm happy you get to pick your friends in life cause she is now like family to me, she is my sister. It is very hard to find people who will love you no matter what but I'm lucky enough to have one friend who does. 

Laundry & Memories

I really don't mind cleaning the house but laundry just isn't fun to me and today I had to sort, folding & put away all of the clothes bleh. After doing so I went on pinterest and saw a pin that said "things to do with your toddler before they are a big kid." They had a lot of cute ideas! I thought about what I remember from when I was a toddler and I have to say not too much besides my pink bunny slippers, drawing on my white dresser (ekk), sticking stickers every where, coloring & my mom sorting the laundry on her bed. That took me back to an amazing memory, I use to love laundry days cause my mom would have me  sitting on the bed playing "shark-attack" which is where my mom would act like a shark and I'd scream & crawl around to all different sides of the bed when she grabbed my foot if I got too close to the edge & when she did catch me she would kiss me until I was uncontrollably laughing. I can't wait to be able to make memories like this with Kayden.

So aDogable...

Kayden is not my only baby. My first "baby"... her name is Frenchie Greg & I got her when we first started dating in 2005, actually on our first date he promised he'd buy me a dog. Did I believe him? No! I thought he was just saying that cause I said I wanted one so bad but 2 months later we were looking in the news paper for a Chihuahua we got lucky & found a woman who was a vet tech & had 3 more left a beige, & 2 blue grays. We got there hoping for the beige one & was surprised to see the two blue grays left & they were beautiful both playful but Frenchie was special she had a white chest & most importantly she nibbled on my hand just like that she was sold! Over time she has been extremely spoiled & loved so when Kayden was on the way I was nervous she would be sad without all the attention or worse hurt Kayden but she has shocked me. We came home & she was very protective over Kayden she didn't want anyone but the people she knew near "her baby" she has gotten use to people wanting to hold him now though except still doesn't want other dogs around him. I guess when we brought him home she knew he was ours. Ever since her first day with us she has been an amazing dog, yes sometimes she acts like dog... try's to nip at ankles of guests & barks at nosies but she is a part of our family I know one day she won't be here anymore & I know I'll be devastated but until then I'm going to spoil her & give her as much love & attention she deserves.

Make new friends but keep the old...

One is Silver, the other is Gold

Not many people can say they have had a best friend since Kindergarten but Jenna has been there for it all! 
We both had our first kisses on the same day, with the same boy I might add on the magic reading carpet, We played with barbies together, We dressed like twins even though it was pretty obvious we were not, We "ice skated" in the backyard, We climbed trees to rooftops just to find a shooting star,  We lied & told people we were cousins just so she could go to the same high school as me, which she did thank god! We've grown up & gotten married  & we even became each others sisters & now we have babies. Kayden is lucky to have Jenna as his auntie I know she will not let him down with being the crazy fun aunt. Now Jenna is going to be having my new baby niece little Avilee, who is already extremely spoiled I might add! I can't wait to meet this little Princess & I can't wait to watch Kayden & Avilee grow up together. I know they will be great friends & I know he will be her protector when they are older & scare away any boys that might hurt her. I'm so lucky to have a wonderful friend like Jenna in my life she is definitely a golden friend. 

Dearest Kayden

I thought hard about what I should write and about what I want you to know. Life is tough at times, things don't always turn out the way you would expect & I wish someone would have told me some of the hard things I would face as I got older, but I know you have to learn lessons sometimes on your own. I still want to share with you some things I've learned. I always have this question in my mind how do I teach you, mold you, guide you into being the man I hope you will be? What are the lessons I want you to know? So I just wrote and wrote in hopes that when you read this someday you'll have something to guide you, and to kinda laugh at with me. I know you will grow into the man you want to be, but me and some others wanted to incorporate things along the way. I know I will i'm sure find more things to add to this as you grow but for now we have this...

Anything worth having is worth working hard for weather it be at school, a sport, a job or even love.

Manners are important! Opening a door for a lady is not optional, saying thank you is the utmost important, always offer you coat & your hand.

You love music, don't ever lose this. Music is powerful use it when you are at your highs and lows it will get you thru everything.

Follow your dreams where ever they may lead you.

Always know you are loved by many. 

Never scratch your genitals in public & also don't wear your pants below your butt that isn't what the person who made them had in mind nor is it cute!

Don't lie! Lying leads to no one trusting you or the things you say. 

Never be afraid to tell me or your dad ANYTHING! We will always welcome your ideas & mishaps with an open mind & heart. (grandmas, grandpas, aunties & uncles are there too)

Remember no one is perfect & people make mistakes it is all about learning from them. 

Be kind to unkind people - they need it the most. 

Read as many books as you can. They will take you places you've never been.

Treat girls, women & ladies with respect! 

Don't take the ones you love for granted sometimes they will not always stick around if you do.

You DON'T need alcohol, drugs or cigarettes to have a good time! 

Always have a firm handshake. It shows confidence!

Your grandpa Dicker always told me lending someone money can ruin a relationship and can also take a toll on your bank account. 

Take care of your car! It may sound silly but they are expensive, change the oil when you are suppose to, never let it run out of gas, learn how to pump your own gas, and obey the law.

Don't be afraid to ask people for help when you need it, Especially god.

Take time off, Vacations are good take them when you can cause everyone needs to recharge their batteries.

Love fiercely! This does not mean sleep around with a bunch of women. Love one woman fiercely cause one will always be enough.

Wrap it before you tap it! Yes that's right I just said that. You don't want any unplanned pregnacies & STDs. When you do have sex (which lets face it you will one day) is it suppose to be between you and the woman you love but this isn't always the case. 

Be a loyal friend and a good listener. Some people just want someone to listen without judgement. 

Don't let ANYONE ever put your ideas or dreams down they may not be wise enough to know how brilliant they truly are. 

This may be a pointless statement but please try not to break anyones heart sometimes it's hard to avoid just try. 

Use your imagination for as long as you can. It sucks when it goes away.

Most of all Cherish being young. People in your generation want to grow up too fast. Being a grown up never goes away, being young does. 

Always remember mommy loves you.


4 months old...

I know I will probably say this a lot more than just today but I really cant believe my little man is already 4 months old! It is crazy to see how much he has grown already since he was born. I am trying to just treasure this time with him since I'm sure one day he won't want me to cuddle him.  

You start eating your rice cereal today 
You love play-screaming at the top of your lungs & sometimes dad & I join in on the fun
You are extremely tall in the 95%tile the nurse said (no clue where this came from)
You play in your jumpy & sit in your bumbo
And even though we don't know what you are saying you "talk" up a storm