Laundry & Memories

I really don't mind cleaning the house but laundry just isn't fun to me and today I had to sort, folding & put away all of the clothes bleh. After doing so I went on pinterest and saw a pin that said "things to do with your toddler before they are a big kid." They had a lot of cute ideas! I thought about what I remember from when I was a toddler and I have to say not too much besides my pink bunny slippers, drawing on my white dresser (ekk), sticking stickers every where, coloring & my mom sorting the laundry on her bed. That took me back to an amazing memory, I use to love laundry days cause my mom would have me  sitting on the bed playing "shark-attack" which is where my mom would act like a shark and I'd scream & crawl around to all different sides of the bed when she grabbed my foot if I got too close to the edge & when she did catch me she would kiss me until I was uncontrollably laughing. I can't wait to be able to make memories like this with Kayden.