Make new friends but keep the old...

One is Silver, the other is Gold

Not many people can say they have had a best friend since Kindergarten but Jenna has been there for it all! 
We both had our first kisses on the same day, with the same boy I might add on the magic reading carpet, We played with barbies together, We dressed like twins even though it was pretty obvious we were not, We "ice skated" in the backyard, We climbed trees to rooftops just to find a shooting star,  We lied & told people we were cousins just so she could go to the same high school as me, which she did thank god! We've grown up & gotten married  & we even became each others sisters & now we have babies. Kayden is lucky to have Jenna as his auntie I know she will not let him down with being the crazy fun aunt. Now Jenna is going to be having my new baby niece little Avilee, who is already extremely spoiled I might add! I can't wait to meet this little Princess & I can't wait to watch Kayden & Avilee grow up together. I know they will be great friends & I know he will be her protector when they are older & scare away any boys that might hurt her. I'm so lucky to have a wonderful friend like Jenna in my life she is definitely a golden friend.