November 20 2009

The last time I saw my grandpa he was cracking jokes that's just who he was even if he wasn't feeling 100% but that day when I left the hospital I had a feeling our goodbyes & I love yous really were the last ones Greg felt it too. a day later he passed away. I really miss him I do still wish he was here even though I know he didn't get to do any of the thing he enjoyed anymore. I know he is much happier now hunting, walking, & with the love of his life my grandma. I wish they were both here to see Kayden & how adorable he is. I know they watch over us, I'm sure of it I just wish Kayden had the chance to meet them & his other great grandpas. 

I'm lucky for the years I got with him when he chased me around my little tikes play house, or us "play dough" together, playing cards together & him shaking my hand as he left just so he could slip me money. He was such a great grandpa I will make sure Kayden knows all about him & how much he reminds me if him sometimes. I love you grandpa. 

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Ahhh! I don't know what it is but this year I'm so excited for Christmas in fact I even decorated already! (I know we haven't even celebrated thanksgiving yet) I'm pretty sure it has to do with It being Kaydens first Christmas I know he won't understand it yet but both of our families will be together at our house.

I'm going to be making most of the Christmas presents people will be receiving this year and the others I've already bought. Everyone did agree on one thing this year and that was everyone wants a picture of Kayden. so we did our own little photoshoot yesterday & we also took our Christmas photos :)

We got most of our decorations up! Still lots to do before Christmas but I know we will get it all done :)

5 month stats

Oh Kayden I can believe its already been 5 months! Still not feeling 100% so I'm going to wait till he is feeling better to introduce veggies into his daily feedings. Can't quite sit up alone yet, but he is getting there & boy does he want to crawl. We didn't have an actual doctor appointment this month but on our Monday visit to see what might be making him sick they checked his weight & he is a healthy 16lbs! Still teething A LOT! I feel like any day now he'll start mama, dada & baba... We will see though.

This day is a gift

You will never have this day 
with your children again.
Tomorrow, they'll be a little 
older than they were today.
This day is a gift.
Breathe & notice.
Smell & touch them;
Study their faces and little feet 
and pay attention.
Relish the Charms of the Present.

Enjoy today, mama.
It will be over before you know it.

-jen hatmaker

my little prince...

Is sick :( funny how the doctor said he didn't have an ear infection discribed what it would be like & now he is doing just that... My poor little man stuffy, sneezy, sleepy & yes one of these is a 7 dwarf but I'm not Snow White & he doesn't mine diamonds for work ( not that I know of ) we've been up all night tossing & turning he finally said forget sleep at 4 am & here we are now he finally took a nap (which I'd love one myself) guess what it's only 11:30 & I still need to eat lunch while he naps.  Plus side I was able to do the dishes, change the sheets & start the laundry. I just hope whatever this little bug is that Kayden has goes away before Saturday for his auntie Jenna's baby shower. 

You only get one wedding...

Do you ever find yourself wishing a special event in your life turned out a little different? 
I do & it is one of the most important days of my life... My wedding. I cringe when I hear myself say that don't get me wrong I love many things about that day the people that were there, the flowers, my dress & but most importantly the man I married that day on July 13, 2008, but there are things I wish I would have maybe forked over the extra dollar for cause lets face it you only get married once! (Well most of the time) So this post is about what I wish I would have done a little differently. 

First off we were on a budget & in 2008 I didn't have Pinterest and all of the fabulous ideas that come with It. if I ever have a baby girl one day, I am a bit nervous I'll be too involved with the wedding I hope she will want my help that day cause ill be more than willing to & I hope she will tell me to chill if I get too involved lol. 

A Videographer - I didn't have one because I thought I'd have my wedding pictures to look back on the day & have all of the memories I need. Wrong a video is a completely different story & it tells the story of the whole day, we did have a guest take a video of the day I just wish it had music & was a little more professional I guess you could say. I would have chosen   these wonderful people. They have the most beautiful wedding videos & music.  Noah & Rachael are my favorite!

A WEDDING photographer! - Yes I just capitalized the wedding part because a wedding photographer is different than a portrait, a landscape, & an editorial photographer! A wedding photographer knows what shots to take & will also bring the list of important photos you want & also add some ideas of their own. When my photographer showed up he "forgot" his list when I asked him if he had it, he was a friend of mine & said "don't worry it's all up here" pointing to his brain... I let it slide when in the end I shouldn't have done that, I should have told him to drive to his apartment, get the list then drive his butt back over here I didn't spend 2,000 on him to forget a list & then to also forget to take some very important pictures... Like the one of the bride & her mother in law? Yeh I don't have ANY photos with my mother in law! To me this is an important photo, also the ones where the bride is goofing around with her maids & Maid of honor... I have none of those, Greg & I taking our wedding vows, our kiss as husband & wife he should have been taking so many that his finger hurt I'm convinced he took one & the look on my face isn't the best. Everyone partying at ur reception, two photos... Of the same two people. Can you tell I am bitter about this aspect of my wedding? Good, cause he didn't seem to get it & still doesn't I'm not longer friends with him for this reason. I even asked him to let me see the proofs on his site, he says he will upload them & never does! He recently had his wedding & lucky him the photos of the day look great, he should take a tip from his wedding photographer. People always ask me for his name when they get married & I refuse to give it to them but I do point them to the direction of other wonderful wedding photographers. Moral of the story spend the extra money on a good photographer & don't hire a friend! 

The Location - I do love where I got married but I wish I would have paid more attention to detail like maybe more lights in the reception room & a better center piece on the table. 

The cake - I wish I would have tasted it! I get sad to say this I didn't get to have a piece of my wedding cake beside the little piece Greg put in my mouth. But I heard it was delicious! (I think she could have done a better job also)

The music - maybe a little more slow songs, it is a joyous occasion but some romantic songs we could have slow danced to would have been nice. 

The tuxes - they didn't fit, I wish I wouldn't have gone traditional of that I wish I would of have the guys in just regular undershirts a but more of a relaxed look but because of the tux coats they looked uncomfortable. 

Our wedding vows - I wish I would have taken the time to look for better wedding vows then the ones we had cause everyone says they were the fastest ones they have ever heard & they were I know now what I wish they were but it is what it is. 

The bridesmaids - I love the girls that were in my wedding but I wish there was one more very important person in my life standing up their with us & that is Becca I think I'll forever be brokenhearted about this. 

Maybe someday Greg & I will renew our wedding vows & I'll tweak the little flaws that bug me but until then I live with it. I'm still happily married to him & I love being with the man I married that day in July.

Drools & Smiles

It's been a rough couple of days, on Friday I thought Kayden might have an ear infection so I decided I'd call the doctor on Saturday & make an appointment. So Saturday came & he was fine he wasn't crying when I laid him & he wasn't tugging on his ear so I figured he was fine then of course (the day the doctor isn't open) Sunday he started tugging & crying again. So today I took him to the doctors & I had a feeling teething & the ear pulling could be linked. Sure enough they were, my poor little guy is teething again! But even though he is in pain he is still playing & smiling!