November 20 2009

The last time I saw my grandpa he was cracking jokes that's just who he was even if he wasn't feeling 100% but that day when I left the hospital I had a feeling our goodbyes & I love yous really were the last ones Greg felt it too. a day later he passed away. I really miss him I do still wish he was here even though I know he didn't get to do any of the thing he enjoyed anymore. I know he is much happier now hunting, walking, & with the love of his life my grandma. I wish they were both here to see Kayden & how adorable he is. I know they watch over us, I'm sure of it I just wish Kayden had the chance to meet them & his other great grandpas. 

I'm lucky for the years I got with him when he chased me around my little tikes play house, or us "play dough" together, playing cards together & him shaking my hand as he left just so he could slip me money. He was such a great grandpa I will make sure Kayden knows all about him & how much he reminds me if him sometimes. I love you grandpa.