You only get one wedding...

Do you ever find yourself wishing a special event in your life turned out a little different? 
I do & it is one of the most important days of my life... My wedding. I cringe when I hear myself say that don't get me wrong I love many things about that day the people that were there, the flowers, my dress & but most importantly the man I married that day on July 13, 2008, but there are things I wish I would have maybe forked over the extra dollar for cause lets face it you only get married once! (Well most of the time) So this post is about what I wish I would have done a little differently. 

First off we were on a budget & in 2008 I didn't have Pinterest and all of the fabulous ideas that come with It. if I ever have a baby girl one day, I am a bit nervous I'll be too involved with the wedding I hope she will want my help that day cause ill be more than willing to & I hope she will tell me to chill if I get too involved lol. 

A Videographer - I didn't have one because I thought I'd have my wedding pictures to look back on the day & have all of the memories I need. Wrong a video is a completely different story & it tells the story of the whole day, we did have a guest take a video of the day I just wish it had music & was a little more professional I guess you could say. I would have chosen   these wonderful people. They have the most beautiful wedding videos & music.  Noah & Rachael are my favorite!

A WEDDING photographer! - Yes I just capitalized the wedding part because a wedding photographer is different than a portrait, a landscape, & an editorial photographer! A wedding photographer knows what shots to take & will also bring the list of important photos you want & also add some ideas of their own. When my photographer showed up he "forgot" his list when I asked him if he had it, he was a friend of mine & said "don't worry it's all up here" pointing to his brain... I let it slide when in the end I shouldn't have done that, I should have told him to drive to his apartment, get the list then drive his butt back over here I didn't spend 2,000 on him to forget a list & then to also forget to take some very important pictures... Like the one of the bride & her mother in law? Yeh I don't have ANY photos with my mother in law! To me this is an important photo, also the ones where the bride is goofing around with her maids & Maid of honor... I have none of those, Greg & I taking our wedding vows, our kiss as husband & wife he should have been taking so many that his finger hurt I'm convinced he took one & the look on my face isn't the best. Everyone partying at ur reception, two photos... Of the same two people. Can you tell I am bitter about this aspect of my wedding? Good, cause he didn't seem to get it & still doesn't I'm not longer friends with him for this reason. I even asked him to let me see the proofs on his site, he says he will upload them & never does! He recently had his wedding & lucky him the photos of the day look great, he should take a tip from his wedding photographer. People always ask me for his name when they get married & I refuse to give it to them but I do point them to the direction of other wonderful wedding photographers. Moral of the story spend the extra money on a good photographer & don't hire a friend! 

The Location - I do love where I got married but I wish I would have paid more attention to detail like maybe more lights in the reception room & a better center piece on the table. 

The cake - I wish I would have tasted it! I get sad to say this I didn't get to have a piece of my wedding cake beside the little piece Greg put in my mouth. But I heard it was delicious! (I think she could have done a better job also)

The music - maybe a little more slow songs, it is a joyous occasion but some romantic songs we could have slow danced to would have been nice. 

The tuxes - they didn't fit, I wish I wouldn't have gone traditional of that I wish I would of have the guys in just regular undershirts a but more of a relaxed look but because of the tux coats they looked uncomfortable. 

Our wedding vows - I wish I would have taken the time to look for better wedding vows then the ones we had cause everyone says they were the fastest ones they have ever heard & they were I know now what I wish they were but it is what it is. 

The bridesmaids - I love the girls that were in my wedding but I wish there was one more very important person in my life standing up their with us & that is Becca I think I'll forever be brokenhearted about this. 

Maybe someday Greg & I will renew our wedding vows & I'll tweak the little flaws that bug me but until then I live with it. I'm still happily married to him & I love being with the man I married that day in July.