Christmas Wonderland

Ahh crisp cold air it was definitely feeling like winter last night so we decided to plan a little trip to Greg's old neighborhood since it was a Wednesday .. Wednesdays are kind of a special day for Kayden & I daddy doesn't go to the gym after work so he is home two hours earlier! (Yay! This is where we all clap)  
Any who Ever since Greg could remember his old back door neighbor in Pleasanton would decorate his house as the North Pole & ever since we've been together I always wanted to go so last night we finally did! 

Needless to say Kayden LOVED looking at all of the lights & anything that moved he was amazed at what was going on around him, can't blame him cause I was quite amazed myself. I didn't realize how much hard work Bob & Susan put into decorating their Christmas wonderland every year. Unfortunately Santa was not there that night he is very busy you know, but he is available every weekend so that is where he will be spending his weekend nights we may have to stop by to take a picture after he makes an appearance at our second families party this Saturday. We had a great time & this will definitely be a yearly tradition for our family. 

I hope you enjoy the photos we took, I do have one request! Bob & Susan's house is in a Christmas decorating contest & the prize is 100,000 dollars it will not be going to themselves though they get to donate  it to the Pleasanton schools how awesome is that! They can only do so if you vote everyday, I know they would greatly appreciate it. All you have to do it click here to vote. Thank you & enjoy! 

If you are in the bay area & would like to visit 
Widmer World the address is 
3571 Chelsea Ct. 
Pleasanton CA 94588

Hours: 6pm-9pm 

Santa Schedule: Dec. 15,16,22,23


  1. Love all the lights!

    PS: I nominated you!

    1. Aww thanks my second one! Last time no one did my questions ill have to give it another shot!

  2. This is cute! I have not seen this place before, I'm adding it to my places to visit :) Have you been to Deacon Dan's in Livermore? Another really pretty place is on Thompson Lane in Alameda the whole street is decorated!!

    1. I haven't been to either but I'm going to have to check them out Kayden would love to go see more.