Kayden 6 Month Stats

Can you believe you are 6 months little man! Thats half a year old & it flew by! Although you haven't been to the doctors yet for your 6 month check-up (tomorrow) Daddy weighed you & you are 17Lbs. now, I'm sure the doctor will comment on your weight tomorrow saying you are in a lower percentile but I say who cares as long as you are growing & healthy, mommy & daddy were also smaller babies so  you get it from us. 

You have started eating every hour or half hour & I'm pretty sure you have a fast metabolism like mommy. Today you will try fruit for the very first time not sure which fruit yet but I'm sure you will love it being it is sweet...you seem to love sugar, grandma hates this... mommies fault I guess. 

You love going in your jumpy sometimes you get a little to wild in it so I take you out, it still makes me nervous. You've been sleeping a lot lately but I know you are going through quite the growth spurt right now. And I finally figured out why you weren't sleep very well a night you wanted to be closer to mommy, go figure! 
You love going on walks & looking at all of the trees they fascinate you, so do feet... & not just your feet everyone's feet, I'm hoping this doesn't turn into some weird obsession later in life but I'd love you even if it did. You are on the brink of crawling which god knows mama & the house are not ready for this & maybe why you haven't done so yet. Your favorite thing to do at the moment is pick things up & bang them against other objects, I love watching you to this it cracks me up you have such determination on your little face. Speaking of faces you love doing facetime with daddy while he is at work just watching your face light up when his pops up on the screen is priceless & luckily daddy took a picture of this. 

In advance I'd like to say I'm sorry you feel off of the couch yesterday, thankfully right on your butt on top of blankets I turned around for one second and there you were on the ground I got this on camera so later in life I can tell you & you can hold it against me ; ) You were absolutely fine & even smiled at me till I got the camera to take a picture of the moment.

I love you to the moon & back little man & so does dada <3