Living room dead line!

When we first began looking for a house having two living rooms wasn't exactly on the top of my list as a "need", in fact just a baby room & walk in closet were... those were my necessities in a house. So when we found our home I was a little hesitant to see we had a front family room I honestly didn't know what we'd do with that room or even what the colors would be. Till one day we went to pier one imports (gosh I love that store) & I found a candle lantern I was about to purchase it then realized duh! I need tea candles I looked around at what they had & settled on Navy ones they smelt good & went with it nicely then the clouds parted & I had an epiphany .. White & Navy!! The room will be white & navy a kinda country cottage feel to it... I loved it! 

I was sold & thought it will be super easy to find white furniture & navy accents I actually liked... WRONG! It was actually really hard to find that brushed white cottage look in furniture that we didn't have to spend a fortune on. So by extreme luck we found our furniture at Ikea! Yep that's right I said ikea!! Now when I use to think ikea I'd think affordable, modern, cheap crap! But I was wrong cause they've updated their style since the first time i went there. 
So we got our coffee table, end table & rug from ikea then in November cost plus world market was having a deal on couches & we found our couches just in time for Christmas! 

The living room isn't completely done yet we still need some art work & family photos but it is getting there & I can't be more pleased!