Must be Santa

Growing up I didn't mind Santa  but the Easter bunny I was terrified of not sure why but I didn't like him. My dad growing up didn't like Santa every year around Christmas when my grandparents would take my dad out to shop he would freak out thinking Santa was out to get him cause at every store (when Santas were everywhere) my dad would say "Mom. Dad. We need to leave he followed us here! We have to go. Why does Santa follow us?" My dad told me this which I think is hilarious! And Kayden finally had his first Santa experience Saturday & he did amazingly well he almost started to cry but then he saw me & figured everything was ok I assume... also I'm sure the candy cane in his hand didn't hurt. 

I'm sure next year will not be as pleasant since he will be way more aware that he is sitting on a strange mans lap but I'm a proud mama with how well he did. 


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