Nap when the baby naps

Everyone says it before your baby gets here & even when the baby gets here they say it! But I'm sorry it's just not that simple! When I was pregnant I could nap with the best of them, as a matter of fact I loved naps I took two a day when I was on maternity leave but now it's almost impossible for me to take a nap during the day I see his nap time as "mommy time" or "clean the house time" or "watch his breathing like a hawk time". Yeah I'm guilty, I check to make sure he is breathing during his naps. I'm sure that is one reason why I don't nap... why I can't nap. Nights are a little easy to sleep for me... well to try & sleep I should say he wakes up every hour still which I am getting use to but I still miss that good night sleep... I'm sure I'm not alone right mamas? 

What do you miss most since your babies were born?