Time is Fleeting

I'm pretty sure I'm not alone when I say this & I'm sure I'll say it a lot in years to come, but sometimes I sit back & watch Kayden playing in his jumpy, doing tummy time or sleeping & think I can't believe that little guy is mine! I made him & he is growing more & more everyday. 

I wish I could freeze time for awhile, hit pause & keep him this little for awhile longer but time doesn't stand still & my baby is  6 months on Wednesday that's half a year old! 

Where did those first 6 months go? It really does go by fast no matter how slow a day may seem, it really isn't. So while this little man is so little I make sure to dance with him, kiss his sweet little face, enjoy his tiny feet & toes, act like a goof just to get him to laugh & watch as his daddy flys him around like super man.
I'm sure one day he will be "too cool" for all of it & not find it as fun. I'm sure i'll still embarrass him as he gets older cause he will forever be my first baby... My little man