Sunday at the Zoo!

We had quite the busy weekend Saturday was jam packed with shopping! One of my favorite things to do of course & then on Sunday we had a date with the Orbegoso's & the Zoo! It was Kayden's first zoo visit which I think he enjoyed I don't think we could have picked a more perfect day the sun was out. He fell asleep right before the elephants & meerkats which I really wanted him to see but there is always next time. I'm sure it won't be our last visit, we will be back Oakland zoo & maybe we will finally go to the San Fransisco zoo one day. Till then enjoy some of our photos from our day at the zoo!

Sleep? But I might miss something!

Something I definitely miss is sleeping at night. Why do I miss it cause my baby hates to sleep at night. Did you know that truck drivers get more sleep than moms? That's crazy to me but my role as mommy doesn't end. 

I've tried everything under the moon the 3 b's bath, book & then bottle... Nope doesn't work as a matter of fact I think the book wakes him up cause he doesn't want to miss anything in the book. 

Kayden's feed schedule doesn't matter either in the morning around 8am he gets his bottle & shortly after he will take his first nap, this nap can last up to a hour at the most but nothing more. 

After he wakes from his nap he will play for 30mins then he's ready for his next feeding which is always some rice cereal mixed with apples after that he plays for a hour then wants his 4oz bottle once he is finished he will then take another nap at 11:30 again this nap lasts a hour or sometimes just 30 mins. 

After his nap he gets his 2nd meal of the day this can be anything carrots, squash, banana, strawberries, what ever it may be he doesn't like rice cereal with it & refuses to eat it if you try. After that meal he will play till 3:00 where he then gets his bottle & down for his 3rd & last nap of the day. 

Once he wakes up from his last nap he gets his last meal, rice cereal with his veggie & some kind of dinner meal. Plays till around 7pm when he then asks for his bottle but doesn't go to sleep after he is up till 9 or 9:30 once that time hits he passes out for bedtime. 

Now the night... At 11pm he wakes up asking for his bottle then the next hour or hour half he wakes for the next bottle & so on till 2:22, yes 2:22 on the dot every night Kayden will wake for his last bottle till 4:30 or 5am to ask for another bottle then will sleep till 6am since he knows this is when we wake up for the day. 

I've tried EVERYTHING! I've tried upping that last bottle to 5oz or 6oz in hopes he sleeps till at least 3am no doesn't work! I've googled out my googler & tried all of that. So now if you mamas have any idea for what I can do to get Kayden to have just at least one feeding a night that would be wonderful! 

Dear Greg

Dear Greg... Hubby... & Dada,

Where do I start?, first of all I love you! Pretty amazing fact I know, but nothing is more amazing than you! You wake up every morning at 6 am to start your day and then spend another hour or two in traffic which I know isn't the most thrilling time and then spend your 8 hours at work. You do this everyday for us to provide for your family you are an amazing husband and dad. Kayden just adores you and so do I. I love watching Kayden light up when he hears your car pulling into the driveway and seeing his face when I say dada is home! I know I'm not always the most umm we will use the word pleasant person to be around after a not so great night of sleep, but thank you for dealing with me in my not so happy moments, just brushing off the arguments with me and still calling me beautiful everyday I'm truly lucky to have you. I hope you know how much we love you and everything you do for us. 


your wife, your son & your fur baby frenchie

I'm still learning...

Does it ever bug you when someone tells you how to be a mom? If you answered "no" then I commend you cause it bugs me. I'm a figure it out on my own kind of person and when I want or need advice I ask for it if its something I don't think google or a doctor can answer. 

Most of the time when I get advice about Kayden I think "yeah that's kinda common sense" which guess what? I have.  I haven't been a mom my whole life and I don't always have the answers. Sometimes I'm going to want to figure it out on my own and I will. I'm not always going to be the perfect mom, I don't know any mom that ever has been. Moms make mistakes as their kids get older and even make then when there kids are on their own with their own families. Kids get bumps, bruises and fall down. All I can do is help guide him and be there when he needs me to kiss the boo boos and pull him back up from the fall. 

Being overly paranoid will just stress me out and maybe even stress Kayden out also. I want him to get dirty, I want him to make mudd pies, I want him splash around in the rain puddles, I want to build forts with him and I want him to learn... I want him to expereince life! I'm a new mom and even when I have another baby I'll still get advice, but don't worry about me I'm still learning. 

Kayden's 7 Month Stats

Did I really just write 7 months?? I'm pretty sure I did & my you are growing fast! 7 months means we are 5 months away from your first birthday! I can't believe it! My baby is only a baby for another 5 months! Although you will ALWAYS be my baby. I'm actually really excited for your birthday party even though I'm in no rush for it to actually be here I just have the theme all set and have been buying things here and there for it, your mama loves to plan! 

So your stats! You didn't have a doctor appointment this month so I'm not positive on exact weight but I'm pretty sure you are still in the 17 pound range or on the brink or reaching 18 pounds! 

You say dada all of the time now I'm not sure you know exactly what it means but you do get excited & scream if I tell you dada is home. If I ask you to say mama you just look at me and smile. 

You can now roll from your back to your tummy! It way amazing seeing you do this for the first time, I think you even surprised yourself after doing so.  

You tried strawberry yogurt this month and you love it, this is exciting news cause you aren't allergic to strawberries and we can enjoy some strawberries together when they are in season. 

You met Avilee and was in total awe with her. At one moment she was out of your site and you screamed when you couldn't see her but you stopped once she was in front of you again. Future girlfriend? Maybe! 

In not so fun news you got your first stomach flu it was the most scared mommy has been in quite awhile but you got over it quickly after a night of laying in bed with mommy and daddy. 

And just tonight as I was writing this for the first time you got on your hands and knees in crawling position and tried to crawl. You fell flat but it was a great reminder that you are learning new things everyday. 


There are many things I have wanted to do in my life a vet, a forensic investigator, a wedding planner, and an entrpinour. Don't get me wrong I still want to be two of those things someday maybe, but once I got out of high school I couldn't decide on one of those things. My mind was still running wild and I didn't think It would be fair to spend my parents money on college when I had no real end goal, no light at the end of the collage tunnel. 

So I worked at different places and came to hate most of them. My last job landed me at Solstice Sunglass Boutique, Which although some days weren't perfect I love the family I made there not many people can feel like they are working with family, it was like a second home. So working there for 5 years with my family made it really hard to say goodbye. I wasn't 100% sure I wouldn't be back but while on maternity leave I realized I was where I wanted to be at home taking care of my baby, every day, and watching him grow. I considered even going to work only on the weekends but then I wouldn't get time with Greg and Kayden which was really important to me, i wanted us all to bond as a family and with retail hours especially around the holidays that isn't exactly easy.  So I made the choice to say goodbye to Solstice & hello to being a stay at home mom. 

Instead of getting paid in money I get paid in hugs, kisses, poopie diapers and sometimes a screaming baby. I wouldn't change my discussion though for many reasons, some of the reasons that made me want to be a SAHM are 1. I don't trust many people and the ones I do have jobs that they need to work. 2. I love waking up every morning knowing I don't have to go anywhere except at home or out with my son & 3. I don't want to miss anything that happens with him even if its the littlest thing. 

I truly have my husband to thank for letting me be a stay at home mom cause without him working so hard I wouldn't get to spend every day with him. Being a SAHM isn't for everyone or even possible for everyone but I love it he is better than any of my jobs rolled into one! 

Welcome to the world Little Avilee Dawn

My neice decided enough was enough she wanted to meet everyone & after my rockstar of a best friend went through 30 hours of labor Avilee finally entered the world on January 5th @ 11:59AM 8Lbs. 3oz & 20ins. She is beautifully perfect I say that cause those are the fist two words that come to my mind when I see a photo of her.

How you got your name: Kayden Nicholas Luciano

Oh the importance of a name! It's with you forever it should mean something & I'm a firm believe that your name makes you who you are it gives you part of your personality.

So when Dad & I found out we were having a baby boy the name Kayden was in the front of our mind but we wanted to consider all names we threw around a lot of different names Caleb, Noah, Evan, Angeles, Ezra, Bentley & Liam the list went on & on but none of them were sticking and One thing was for sure your name would never be Greg! We have too many Greg's in the family! None of the names seemed to be it except for Kayden, so I looked up the meaning & I loved it, it meant strong & fighter I was sold I knew you'd be strong & you kicked so much it felt like you were fighting to get out of my tummy.

You have definitely lived up to your name so far. Every time someone holds you or if the doctor tries to force you to stay still they all say the same thing He is SO Strong! And seeing everything you went through in the NICU proves you are extremely strong & a fighter. Your middle name came from your daddy & I think we had a harder time picking a middle name.

I do hope in the future you don't actually fight kids seeing as that isn't what the meaning meant to me. Just remember little man you are always mama & dadas strong fighter.

New Years Eve

We had a very relaxing New Year's Eve. We hung out at Becca & Victors house all night & had dinner. 

 (uncle victor holding kayden while he was looking at the balloons) 

(uncle greg & amelia playing dinosaur puzzles) 

Kayden stayed up till 11 he almost made it to 12am but he fell asleep after we wrote down his goals for the new year on the balloon. Let me tell you it was extremely hard to stay up till the clock stroke 12 but we did it! 

We gave each other & Kayden our new year kisses then went outside to release our new year goal balloons. It was a fun & successful year & I can't wait to see all of the new things 2013 will bring. 

Happy New Year!    


It's that time, time to make some new new year resolutions. To be honest I normally don't make them because somewhere in the middle of the year everyone forgets about them & you get so off track you just say who cares! But this year I decided to make some & they are all pretty reasonable so I should be able to stick to them.

1. Blog every other day... this might be the hardest one since I have writers block lately.

2. Get back to my before baby weight. ( I have 10lbs. to go)

3. Complete Kayden's first birthday party plans by March

4. Get our family photos/Kayden's birthday photos done in mid May

5. Be debt free by the end of 2013

6. Take at least one trip to LA/Newport


8. Get the house Organized (kinda goes with above)

9. Get our monthly dinner plan started.

10. Go on more dates with the hubby ( every other month would be nice)

11. Clean out the clutter! (everything cabinets, closets... if you don't need it GONE GONE GONE!)