Dear Greg

Dear Greg... Hubby... & Dada,

Where do I start?, first of all I love you! Pretty amazing fact I know, but nothing is more amazing than you! You wake up every morning at 6 am to start your day and then spend another hour or two in traffic which I know isn't the most thrilling time and then spend your 8 hours at work. You do this everyday for us to provide for your family you are an amazing husband and dad. Kayden just adores you and so do I. I love watching Kayden light up when he hears your car pulling into the driveway and seeing his face when I say dada is home! I know I'm not always the most umm we will use the word pleasant person to be around after a not so great night of sleep, but thank you for dealing with me in my not so happy moments, just brushing off the arguments with me and still calling me beautiful everyday I'm truly lucky to have you. I hope you know how much we love you and everything you do for us. 


your wife, your son & your fur baby frenchie


  1. Thanks babe! It's nice to know I'm appreciated. I love you all so much :) You are the best wife a husband could ask for and you have turned into a fantastic mom to our son. I look forward to what the future brings us!

    Love your husband, our meatball (Kayden) and the sausage frenchie

  2. This is a great post! I could write the same one for my husband. I think you've inspired me to do just that.