How you got your name: Kayden Nicholas Luciano

Oh the importance of a name! It's with you forever it should mean something & I'm a firm believe that your name makes you who you are it gives you part of your personality.

So when Dad & I found out we were having a baby boy the name Kayden was in the front of our mind but we wanted to consider all names we threw around a lot of different names Caleb, Noah, Evan, Angeles, Ezra, Bentley & Liam the list went on & on but none of them were sticking and One thing was for sure your name would never be Greg! We have too many Greg's in the family! None of the names seemed to be it except for Kayden, so I looked up the meaning & I loved it, it meant strong & fighter I was sold I knew you'd be strong & you kicked so much it felt like you were fighting to get out of my tummy.

You have definitely lived up to your name so far. Every time someone holds you or if the doctor tries to force you to stay still they all say the same thing He is SO Strong! And seeing everything you went through in the NICU proves you are extremely strong & a fighter. Your middle name came from your daddy & I think we had a harder time picking a middle name.

I do hope in the future you don't actually fight kids seeing as that isn't what the meaning meant to me. Just remember little man you are always mama & dadas strong fighter.


  1. Newest Follower!

    My uncle and grandpas middle names are Luciano :)

  2. So cute! My daughter's name came to us pretty easily, but whenever we talk about baby #2, we can never agree!

    1. That's so funny my husband & I can't agree on #2 if it were a girl.