I'm still learning...

Does it ever bug you when someone tells you how to be a mom? If you answered "no" then I commend you cause it bugs me. I'm a figure it out on my own kind of person and when I want or need advice I ask for it if its something I don't think google or a doctor can answer. 

Most of the time when I get advice about Kayden I think "yeah that's kinda common sense" which guess what? I have.  I haven't been a mom my whole life and I don't always have the answers. Sometimes I'm going to want to figure it out on my own and I will. I'm not always going to be the perfect mom, I don't know any mom that ever has been. Moms make mistakes as their kids get older and even make then when there kids are on their own with their own families. Kids get bumps, bruises and fall down. All I can do is help guide him and be there when he needs me to kiss the boo boos and pull him back up from the fall. 

Being overly paranoid will just stress me out and maybe even stress Kayden out also. I want him to get dirty, I want him to make mudd pies, I want him splash around in the rain puddles, I want to build forts with him and I want him to learn... I want him to expereince life! I'm a new mom and even when I have another baby I'll still get advice, but don't worry about me I'm still learning. 


  1. very well said!! I can relate to this! In the end, I know what is best for my children and unsolicited advise is just not needed!