Kayden's 7 Month Stats

Did I really just write 7 months?? I'm pretty sure I did & my you are growing fast! 7 months means we are 5 months away from your first birthday! I can't believe it! My baby is only a baby for another 5 months! Although you will ALWAYS be my baby. I'm actually really excited for your birthday party even though I'm in no rush for it to actually be here I just have the theme all set and have been buying things here and there for it, your mama loves to plan! 

So your stats! You didn't have a doctor appointment this month so I'm not positive on exact weight but I'm pretty sure you are still in the 17 pound range or on the brink or reaching 18 pounds! 

You say dada all of the time now I'm not sure you know exactly what it means but you do get excited & scream if I tell you dada is home. If I ask you to say mama you just look at me and smile. 

You can now roll from your back to your tummy! It way amazing seeing you do this for the first time, I think you even surprised yourself after doing so.  

You tried strawberry yogurt this month and you love it, this is exciting news cause you aren't allergic to strawberries and we can enjoy some strawberries together when they are in season. 

You met Avilee and was in total awe with her. At one moment she was out of your site and you screamed when you couldn't see her but you stopped once she was in front of you again. Future girlfriend? Maybe! 

In not so fun news you got your first stomach flu it was the most scared mommy has been in quite awhile but you got over it quickly after a night of laying in bed with mommy and daddy. 

And just tonight as I was writing this for the first time you got on your hands and knees in crawling position and tried to crawl. You fell flat but it was a great reminder that you are learning new things everyday. 


  1. In two weeks I will be writing Mason's 6 month post and I cannot believe it. It is amazing how fast time flies.
    What a handsome lil guy you have :)

  2. Stopping over from Becky's blog. What a great smile your little man has! Adorable!