There are many things I have wanted to do in my life a vet, a forensic investigator, a wedding planner, and an entrpinour. Don't get me wrong I still want to be two of those things someday maybe, but once I got out of high school I couldn't decide on one of those things. My mind was still running wild and I didn't think It would be fair to spend my parents money on college when I had no real end goal, no light at the end of the collage tunnel. 

So I worked at different places and came to hate most of them. My last job landed me at Solstice Sunglass Boutique, Which although some days weren't perfect I love the family I made there not many people can feel like they are working with family, it was like a second home. So working there for 5 years with my family made it really hard to say goodbye. I wasn't 100% sure I wouldn't be back but while on maternity leave I realized I was where I wanted to be at home taking care of my baby, every day, and watching him grow. I considered even going to work only on the weekends but then I wouldn't get time with Greg and Kayden which was really important to me, i wanted us all to bond as a family and with retail hours especially around the holidays that isn't exactly easy.  So I made the choice to say goodbye to Solstice & hello to being a stay at home mom. 

Instead of getting paid in money I get paid in hugs, kisses, poopie diapers and sometimes a screaming baby. I wouldn't change my discussion though for many reasons, some of the reasons that made me want to be a SAHM are 1. I don't trust many people and the ones I do have jobs that they need to work. 2. I love waking up every morning knowing I don't have to go anywhere except at home or out with my son & 3. I don't want to miss anything that happens with him even if its the littlest thing. 

I truly have my husband to thank for letting me be a stay at home mom cause without him working so hard I wouldn't get to spend every day with him. Being a SAHM isn't for everyone or even possible for everyone but I love it he is better than any of my jobs rolled into one! 


  1. Loving your blog! Agree on all three. I need to be more open on my blog about being a SAHM.

    1. Thanks I'm happy you are enjoying it! I'll have to go check yours out.