Sleep? But I might miss something!

Something I definitely miss is sleeping at night. Why do I miss it cause my baby hates to sleep at night. Did you know that truck drivers get more sleep than moms? That's crazy to me but my role as mommy doesn't end. 

I've tried everything under the moon the 3 b's bath, book & then bottle... Nope doesn't work as a matter of fact I think the book wakes him up cause he doesn't want to miss anything in the book. 

Kayden's feed schedule doesn't matter either in the morning around 8am he gets his bottle & shortly after he will take his first nap, this nap can last up to a hour at the most but nothing more. 

After he wakes from his nap he will play for 30mins then he's ready for his next feeding which is always some rice cereal mixed with apples after that he plays for a hour then wants his 4oz bottle once he is finished he will then take another nap at 11:30 again this nap lasts a hour or sometimes just 30 mins. 

After his nap he gets his 2nd meal of the day this can be anything carrots, squash, banana, strawberries, what ever it may be he doesn't like rice cereal with it & refuses to eat it if you try. After that meal he will play till 3:00 where he then gets his bottle & down for his 3rd & last nap of the day. 

Once he wakes up from his last nap he gets his last meal, rice cereal with his veggie & some kind of dinner meal. Plays till around 7pm when he then asks for his bottle but doesn't go to sleep after he is up till 9 or 9:30 once that time hits he passes out for bedtime. 

Now the night... At 11pm he wakes up asking for his bottle then the next hour or hour half he wakes for the next bottle & so on till 2:22, yes 2:22 on the dot every night Kayden will wake for his last bottle till 4:30 or 5am to ask for another bottle then will sleep till 6am since he knows this is when we wake up for the day. 

I've tried EVERYTHING! I've tried upping that last bottle to 5oz or 6oz in hopes he sleeps till at least 3am no doesn't work! I've googled out my googler & tried all of that. So now if you mamas have any idea for what I can do to get Kayden to have just at least one feeding a night that would be wonderful! 


  1. Is he a back or stomach sleeper?

  2. Landon HATES his back so he is on his stomach- might be worth a shot:)

    1. Just might have to try that since I've tried everything else. Thanks! :)

  3. I still have problems with my little one sleeping sometimes two and half years in. For the most part I was a co-sleeper. It worked for us and we both slept.