How He Asked...

6 years ago today I got the question every girl hopes her dream guy will ask. I really didn't expect him to ask and I wasn't even sure how he would. I dropped plenty of hints leading up to him asking about the ring I loved & I'd ask Frenchie {our dog} if she knew, Greg would just sit back & laugh looking back he probably already had an idea of how he would ask he is quite the planner.

One day my mom wouldn't stop calling me she kept asking where I was & what time I'd be home. I knew something was up when she asked if Becca & I would be going to the mall of course we would but, we had already left when she questioned me so we hung up & she told me to call her when I got home. After she said that I kinda worried something was wrong that she didn't want to tell me while I was out. So after Becca dropped me off at Greg's house {home then} I called my mom she told me to not worry & she figured it out. I wasn't convinced but I brushed it off.

The clock was ticking I was waiting for Greg to get home it was Friday night & as tradition back then we went to dinner every Friday. I was just sitting there with Frenchie in our room when Greg got home Frenchie ran to the door as usual & Greg greeted her once we got in. He was taking awhile to come down the hall so I called out to him he told me to call Frenchie cause the other dogs were jumping on them so I did she slowly came half way down the hall Greg helped her the rest of the way & I picked her up I noticed Greg bought her a new collar it was pink with diamonds & a dog tag that read "Will you Marry Me?" I freaked & was taken aback I looked up & Greg was kneeling & asked "will you marry me?" There he was holding the ring & asking me the question I had been waiting for... I immediately said "yes"  

I loved it!
The ring
The way he proposed
& most importantly him.

I text everyone & announced it on MySpace. I was so happy & I couldn't wait to marry him!

Getting Back to Fit

After having Kayden its been hard to get back to before baby weight if I was able to breastfeed better & longer these last 9lbs may have already been gone. One thing lingers in my mind & it may be why a lot of women have a hard time loosing the rest of the weight. Why lose it when ill end up having to lose it again? 
Will I be getting pregnant tomorrow no (well not planned anyway) but when Kayden is two we are planning on trying for our second baby. I realize if I lose the 9lbs now it will be less to lose the next time around so I need to do it! 

Before i got pregnant I have to say I was very proud of my body & I could eat most things that was layed in front my my face & I ordered extra everything! Extra sour cream on the delicious burrito from Alberto's, extra mayo on that turkey & cheese ToGos sandwich & I could sit on the couch for a day eat a bag of chips & well not gain a pound! Sounds gross? Yeah thinking about it can be but if you can do it why not? Well it's time to stop eating like that,  I miss my old body not as much as I thought I would though I guess I've faced the fact having a model figure for the rest of my life won't be possible it also wasn't healthy cause its a yo-yo diet & good for photo shoots bad for your body. 

I doubt ill ever get back to the way it was before & I'm not sure if that would be 100% healthy as I'm getting older but I will get my body back somewhat! I'm going to lose these last 9lbs & I'm going to lose it before May 1st & if I lose more then that will be wonderful too! 

I'm going to keep track of it all by logging into My Fitness Pal a free iPhone app & a website! If you want to join me on the journey of getting back to healthy you are more then welcome. 

How'd I get so Lucky?

To have a 3 day weekend with my boys! I love having 3 day weekends if we could have one every weekend I think people would be happier everywhere. We didn't do anything crazy exciting but we did have fun. Saturday we went to town & shopped {of course} at Target... I love Target really if I could live there I would & you know you would too! We got some groceries & looked at things we don't need & we didn't buy them Yay for us! Speaking of groceries I'm addicted to Special Ks Red Berries cereal I just can't seem to get enough of it.

After our Target run we dropped off the food grabbed Frenchie & headed .6 miles away to Greg's parents new house. Seriously they live .6 miles away & if I hated my in laws I'd hate this but I don't I actually enjoy them being this close makes it easier for Frenchie to go visit her pup pals, they get to see Kayden & watch him if we need it, Which we haven't needed it yet. We got there & watched Kayden try to get into trouble since he is Mr. Curious now, we talked & then decided to all go over to Cost Plus World market if you haven't been to cost plus & you have a shopping addiction DON'T GO! Seriously don't! But if you don't have an addiction like myself then please by all means enjoy just like I did. I walked in there with no intention of buying anything, well not anything case lets face it you always need at least one thing from somewhere. So I went on my hunt to find a new "welcome" chalkboard since the one I made didn't erase & I found it! My plan was to originally paint it the antique white but I kept it the way it was. After spending 3 hours in that darn store I walked out with candle holders, flowers, rocks, a vase & a chalkboard. {we also got 10 dollars off so it was worth it}

We ate lunch then dropped the mother in law back off at her house then decided to relax at home for the rest of the day, well kind of... we made our wall collage, hung the chalkboard & also hung up the flower painting we got the week before. Have I ever said decorating a two story house can be expensive? No? Well let me tell you now... it's EXPENSIVE! I'm sure decorating any size house would be though.

{the wall so far}

 {our entry way}

We ended the night with watching the movie SKYFALL it wasn't the best in the 007 series but it was alright.

On Sunday Funday it was the day to go visit my parents. We woke up, got ready, I packed up Kayden's day bag which I'm so in love with, & then headed over to good old Bucks... Starbucks that is another addiction of mine... that has now ended today :-/ We were driving back to the house when we realized we had 3 more house till we were suppose to be at my parents so we called & said we were going to be there early of course they were fine with that since they can't get enough of Kayden. We rocked out to some fabulous 80's music on the way there & Kayden thought it was funny when I was singing like he always does. We spent the whole day at my parents Kayden got to play in boxes & listen to my dad use his duck calls.
 {pretty sure I've become the bag lady. I got this when I was buying some for someone else too} 
 {Kayden is ready for the day}
 {While we Kayden was taking his nap his girlfriend Avliee was also, miles apart & they even nap together!}

 We had some lunch & ate some elk stew for dinner & for dessert my favorite MUD PIE, oh so good & well worth the calories. After we got home it was time for bed which Kayden didn't want to go to bed so we played up stairs for awhile.

& The bonus day Monday we spent as a family running errands going to some of my favorite stores we went to Kohl's & I found some art for the kitchen & my top I wanted. Then ate some lunch & some yummy frozen yogurt I always get plain tart with strawberries & chocolate chips I'm drooling at the thought of it. We ended the day visiting with Greg's sister & her boyfriend {Kayden's future uncle}

All in all I had a great weekend I hope the next is just as fun I think we might just do our little family that weekend & relax a little maybe visit some friends but we will see. I hope all of you had a great weekend also!

Kayden 8 Month Stats

{this little photo shoot was almost impossible to move so much now}
We didn't have an appointment this month but I'm assuming you are in the 20lbs range now & I say this cause you are definitely feeling heavier. 
Oh my baby boy you are growing so very fast, I remember looking at other babies & thinking "I can't imagine Kayden sitting up & crawling." well mommy was obviously wrong cause now you can do both! I'm so proud of you & so is daddy! 

{your eyes are going over to hazel just like mama}

You are very observant as a matter of fact you want to examine everything right now & anything you can get you hands on you want yes even the tiny little crumb so mommy is extra busy cleaning the house pretty much everyday now. 

You decided to open your first drawer luckily mommy cleaned it out except for you ear thermometer.

 After that you took off with Frenchie's blanket on top of you head when I asked you what you were doing you just looked at me & smiled so i snapped another photo of that cute little smile.

you love when we read together I always try to read to you at least once a day & after the book well you like to play with it.

Frenchie is having a hard time adjusting to a baby on the go since you like to chase her everywhere you can & you think it's funny when she growls, mom on the other hand doesn't thinks it's funny when she does this.

You stop whatever it is you are doing to watch little kids in commercials. 

& if it looks like it might be able to go in your mouth you'll try to put it there. On Sunday you were so upset you wouldn't stop crying & wanted to chew on everything daddy checked & sure enough one of your teeth broke through! 

Umm helloo? Is this thing on?

I have been MIA this week & haven't been blogging much. 

One reason I have good old writers block :-/ 
Have you noticed I changed my blog again for the millionth time? If you didn't notice well I did I'm pretty happy with it & think is will be like this for awhile. 
Kayden got a cold some how & from somewhere he then passed it onto his dad & grandpa maybe it's a man cold I'm not sure but I do know I didn't get it! Yay me! 

Today has been busy busy busy & right now I finally have a moment to relax while Kayden is sleeping which means hello cruel intentions on oxygen! This morning the hubby & I got up, ready & out the door to Starbucks! Yeah you heard me right I said Starbucks I thing I banned from my life well it's back & today It was horrible! It tasted like dentist bubblegum toothpaste & metal yeah not very pleasing but the chocolate croissant that isn't on my diet tasted wonderful! 

Speaking of diet I need to get back on that lost a poud already but I need to lose 8 more. That has been quite an adjustment for me not being the weight I was before I got pregnant I'm not going to lie. I'm not loving my body lately but I'm going to fix it. 

After the hubby dropped us back off at the house he went to budget to pick up a truck to start helping his parents move into their brand spanking new house! It's awesome & not too far from us so we will be having more date nights now I hope. Once Kayden took his morning nap my mom & dad came over & my dad hung up my Christmas Present finally!  
So now my beautiful chandelier it hanging up in our master-bedroom I LOVE it! Thank god for dads! The master-bedroom will be done soon a couple more decor items & painting of furniture & it will be set I will be doing a bedroom reveal once it is complete. 

After that Kayden got to show off his crawling skills to grandma & grandpa while I put the laundry away... Talk about boring! So here we are now waiting for the hubby to get home. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend & Super Bowl Sunday! 

Speaking of Super Bowl who do you think will win?