Getting Back to Fit

After having Kayden its been hard to get back to before baby weight if I was able to breastfeed better & longer these last 9lbs may have already been gone. One thing lingers in my mind & it may be why a lot of women have a hard time loosing the rest of the weight. Why lose it when ill end up having to lose it again? 
Will I be getting pregnant tomorrow no (well not planned anyway) but when Kayden is two we are planning on trying for our second baby. I realize if I lose the 9lbs now it will be less to lose the next time around so I need to do it! 

Before i got pregnant I have to say I was very proud of my body & I could eat most things that was layed in front my my face & I ordered extra everything! Extra sour cream on the delicious burrito from Alberto's, extra mayo on that turkey & cheese ToGos sandwich & I could sit on the couch for a day eat a bag of chips & well not gain a pound! Sounds gross? Yeah thinking about it can be but if you can do it why not? Well it's time to stop eating like that,  I miss my old body not as much as I thought I would though I guess I've faced the fact having a model figure for the rest of my life won't be possible it also wasn't healthy cause its a yo-yo diet & good for photo shoots bad for your body. 

I doubt ill ever get back to the way it was before & I'm not sure if that would be 100% healthy as I'm getting older but I will get my body back somewhat! I'm going to lose these last 9lbs & I'm going to lose it before May 1st & if I lose more then that will be wonderful too! 

I'm going to keep track of it all by logging into My Fitness Pal a free iPhone app & a website! If you want to join me on the journey of getting back to healthy you are more then welcome. 

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