How He Asked...

6 years ago today I got the question every girl hopes her dream guy will ask. I really didn't expect him to ask and I wasn't even sure how he would. I dropped plenty of hints leading up to him asking about the ring I loved & I'd ask Frenchie {our dog} if she knew, Greg would just sit back & laugh looking back he probably already had an idea of how he would ask he is quite the planner.

One day my mom wouldn't stop calling me she kept asking where I was & what time I'd be home. I knew something was up when she asked if Becca & I would be going to the mall of course we would but, we had already left when she questioned me so we hung up & she told me to call her when I got home. After she said that I kinda worried something was wrong that she didn't want to tell me while I was out. So after Becca dropped me off at Greg's house {home then} I called my mom she told me to not worry & she figured it out. I wasn't convinced but I brushed it off.

The clock was ticking I was waiting for Greg to get home it was Friday night & as tradition back then we went to dinner every Friday. I was just sitting there with Frenchie in our room when Greg got home Frenchie ran to the door as usual & Greg greeted her once we got in. He was taking awhile to come down the hall so I called out to him he told me to call Frenchie cause the other dogs were jumping on them so I did she slowly came half way down the hall Greg helped her the rest of the way & I picked her up I noticed Greg bought her a new collar it was pink with diamonds & a dog tag that read "Will you Marry Me?" I freaked & was taken aback I looked up & Greg was kneeling & asked "will you marry me?" There he was holding the ring & asking me the question I had been waiting for... I immediately said "yes"  

I loved it!
The ring
The way he proposed
& most importantly him.

I text everyone & announced it on MySpace. I was so happy & I couldn't wait to marry him!


  1. Such a cute story. It always makes me giggle when people mention myspace in stories but it was a big deal then like facebook is now.