Kayden 8 Month Stats

{this little photo shoot was almost impossible to move so much now}
We didn't have an appointment this month but I'm assuming you are in the 20lbs range now & I say this cause you are definitely feeling heavier. 
Oh my baby boy you are growing so very fast, I remember looking at other babies & thinking "I can't imagine Kayden sitting up & crawling." well mommy was obviously wrong cause now you can do both! I'm so proud of you & so is daddy! 

{your eyes are going over to hazel just like mama}

You are very observant as a matter of fact you want to examine everything right now & anything you can get you hands on you want yes even the tiny little crumb so mommy is extra busy cleaning the house pretty much everyday now. 

You decided to open your first drawer luckily mommy cleaned it out except for you ear thermometer.

 After that you took off with Frenchie's blanket on top of you head when I asked you what you were doing you just looked at me & smiled so i snapped another photo of that cute little smile.

you love when we read together I always try to read to you at least once a day & after the book well you like to play with it.

Frenchie is having a hard time adjusting to a baby on the go since you like to chase her everywhere you can & you think it's funny when she growls, mom on the other hand doesn't thinks it's funny when she does this.

You stop whatever it is you are doing to watch little kids in commercials. 

& if it looks like it might be able to go in your mouth you'll try to put it there. On Sunday you were so upset you wouldn't stop crying & wanted to chew on everything daddy checked & sure enough one of your teeth broke through! 

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