My little strawberry

When Kayden was born it was all very serial, while we were in the surgery room I didn't have much time to bond with him I saw him for maybe 5 seconds at the most before he was whisked off to be cleaned. After 2 hours of my being in the recovery room I finally got to see him again like every mom does I examined him I counted his fingers & little toes everything I could admire I did before they told me they had to take him to the NICU. Once they told me he wouldn't be in my room with me I was devastated I just didn't understand what could be wrong since my pregnancy was very "text book". 

After they got him ready in his little room I did everything I could to get into being able to walk so I could see him. Thankfully I got a wonderful night nurse who helped be get my butt out of bed and walk. The next morning I was able to walk in the room to go see Kayden as I got closer I thought I was seeing things, I thought someone had been in there kissing my baby but I was so wrong Kayden had a strawberry. Greg even noticed it then we thought someone poked him & the blood was clotting of something but the nurses assured us that it was a strawberry & he was "kissed by an angel". I loved that idea since he was in there I knew a guardian angel is what he needed. 

Kayden of course got better after being in the hospital for 7 days {7 days in the hospital feels like Forever!} When we started going out some people would notice the strawberry & others wouldn't, some would know what it was & some would ask. It doesn't bother me when people ask but lately I've noticed others seem bothered by it. 

Personally I love it I think it's cute & I think it makes Kayden a little different it does look like a little kiss. But others make comments like "when he's older you can have surgery to remove it." I would NEVER have surgery to remove it unless it was hurting Kaydens health cause sometimes strawberries can affect a child's health depending on where they are located. Kaydens doctor told us his would eventually go away as he got older, which I'm not concerned with, kids don't really know what it is & when they ask about it most say "oh he has a boo boo." Which I think is cute but most parents will say "oh no he's okay it's a strawberry." They of course look at their parents a little confused but go on about their business. 

I know how cruel kids can be when you are growing up & I do hope Kaydens birthmark isn't some he'll be teased about I'll just tell him to tell people it's cause his mommy ate too many strawberries while he was in my belly {cause its totally true I ate them every day}

Birthday with good guys, family & fun in Carmel

This past weekend was my birthday weekend and it was jam packed with something for us to do every day. On Saturday we went to the good guys show with FREE tickets and there is nothing better than getting free tickets. There were so many nice cars there & even more that we're for sale I saw an old Mustang I wanted for sale but I don't ave 8,000 just lying around.

Kayden loved seeing all of the cars and people watching. I'm not sure if people were looking at the cars or looking at Kahden more he is quite the little entertainer I must say.
Might I add it was a beautiful weekend.

{These two are the best}

{watching the cars race}

Sunday was spent at my parents & my mom made my favorite pasta dish {hedgehog} & my favorite cake filled with strawberries. 

{goood morning! I love seeing this face when I wake up}
{Kayden & grandpa playing with duck calls}
{nap time!}
{The drive home from my parents the beautiful sunset}
{This little cutie}

{Mommy's Birthday day in Carmel}

{Very windy}
{our attempt of a family photo Kayden was distracted by the dogs running around}

I had the best birthday in Carmel with Greg & Kayden. Kayden loved the beach & was so happy all weekend I'm pretty sure it's cause daddy was off of work & he loves being out and about. 

Happy 26th Birthday to ME!

Wow really 26? I can't believe it for a little while I have to be honest I didn't like birthdays for a little while it meant time was moving too fast, that I was getting well... Older. But getting older is obviously a wonderful thing & the older you get the wiser you get I hope! 

So you might ask did my 10 years ago self think I'd be here, where I am today? The answer is yes!
I didn't think I'd be anywhere else at this point, I wanted to be a wife, I wanted to be a mama & I wanted us to own our own house home. My 25th year was a huge year for me I was pregnant & we were in the process of getting our home. Did I think we'd be living in a small town in the middle of no where? NO! Lol but life has unexpected turns & I've always done my best to imbrace them. I can't wait to see what my 26th year will bring to me, god only knows!

For the Love of Los Angeles!

"I close my eyes, inhale, and feel the rush of heat and energy that take my breath away." -Emily griffin

I love this city...
It's hard to put into words for someone to understand how you feel about a place, words come easier when it comes to telling someone how you feel about a person and more people can understand that feeling you can always miss and love a person it's harder to tell someone you miss and love a place and unless that person has also felt that way about somewhere. Most of the time you won't get a very understanding response. 

When I say I love LA I always get the same reaction and that same statements...
The people there are so rude, it's so trashy, ugh the smog, it smells horrible there, and the hardest one to have an answer for is...why? 
I have an answer for most of these questions, for the rudeness of the people comment everywhere you go has rude people yes some towns and cities are better and less likely to judge but if you find the right people you will see past the rudeness in others. I feel like this is where I fit in, growing up I'd buy these little questionnaire books they'd ask "where do you want to live when you grow up?" My response Los Angeles & Paris {no clue why I said Paris} but LA has always been "my place". And whenever I go there I'm not asked where I'm from I just fit, if I go some where else people ask if I'm from LA... I'm not.  

The trash... Hollywood blvd is not what it looks like in movies as a matter of fact it is over populated with tourists which makes it a little less "glamorous" everything is pretty in the moves and on tv. Vine actually has many hookers and pimps out at night and I can take you to their hotel if you'd like. They all had one thing in common everyone had come there for one reason to make it and to make a life of there own, some lives just didn't turn out the way they expected. Life is not perfect and neither is LA I think that's another reason why I love it there, LA is very upfront with you "I'm not perfect on the outside but I've done & seen so many amazing things." 

The Smog... Does it suck? Yeah some days it does cause it hides a lot of the beautiful buildings that make LA what it is. When its a clearer day you can see so much more its gorgeous. 

You know that feeling you get when you step outside and you know it's a perfect day? The sun is shining, you can almost taste the warmth in the air as if you were devouring the day ahead, you could pretty much slip on anything and when you look up all you see are palm trees its the perfect day to go walking down Melrose... 

It pulls me right back and pulls me right into the city I love... The city I miss... Los Angeles you will always be my city. 

Kayden's 9 Month stats

I'm totally two days late for this but for a good reason... I wanted to know how much he weighed! And this wasn't an easy task he is quite the wiggle worm now. And his 9 month pictures speak for themselves they were very hard to take since he is always moving but I love it. He has grown so fast & has mastered so much in such a short amount of time! I can't believe in 3 months my baby will be a year old!

Weight: 19lbs {give or take}
Length: 29in {easier to measure since he stands}

Skills: crawls EVERYWHERE!, can pull himself up & stand as long as he is holding onto something. I'm pretty sure by next month he will be waking! Am I ready? Not really, am I excited? Yes! I can't wait to see him walking around & trying to get it down to a science.

Sleep: Still a co sleeper & still waking up for 3 bottles a night. Some nights are better than others though I will admit I just hope he gets down to sleeping through the night soon cause I'd like him to be sleeping in his bed by his first birthday. {we finally got our monitor so this is possible now}

Getting back to fit {Update número uno}

First off I'm going to start by saying I'm sorry for my absence , I just needed to take a little break from blogging but I'm back! 

I'm starting my being back with my post baby weight loss update! Excited? No? Well you should be cause I'm thrilled! So far I've lost 5.9lbs & I have 4 more left to go till I'm at my goal weight. 

So you may be asking what have I done differently? Well first off I downloaded the my fitness pal app it is the best app if you are ready to shed some pounds off even if you just what to keep track of you meals everyday. So here is a glimpse into my daily meal plan.

Breakfast-I start off with a nice healthy & oh so yummy bowl of Special Ks Red Berries cereal. You know that commercial where the women say they are losing weight by eating this cereal? Well it is real! {go figure} but I only stick with the calories portion size which is not as hard as it sounds that's 1 cup of cereal & maybe a half of cup of milk. It may not sound like a lot but once I trained my body into being use to this it was very simple to not get hungry a hour or two later & won't make me retain water since it isn't that much milk. 

Lunch - my lunch is consists of one thing & one thing only... A sandwich. I'm not a huge fan of different types of meat or crazy sandwich styles so the two I've stuck with are turkey mesquite  or egg salad sandwich. I still use mayo either best foods or smart balance is also a good one cause it has omega in it! Again though I use specific measurements 90 calories for 1 tablespoon of mayo it really isn't that much but enough for me and for the turkey meat I specifically count out 7 slices of the Oscar Meyer thin slice & I make it work for my calories for the day. 

After lunch is when I have my snacks I give myself two snacks to eat before dinner I either have my strawberries which for 1 cup is 54 calories, a double dark chocolate nutrition bar {if I'm craving chocolate} which is 190 calories, or a snack size bag of pirates booty which is only 65 calories! 

Dinner - Kind of the most boring meal of the day to be quite honest but by the time it comes around & everything is done cooking I'm so hungry that I don't care what it is. Which it is either chicken, fish, or beef with of course a starch & a veggie. 

Dessert - NOTHING :( {sad but true} if I'm craving ice cream I get frozen yogurt with strawberries & chocolate chips it is DELICIOUS! 

My diet in a nutshell, it has been really easy so far but I have a feeling I'm going to need to be hoping on that elliptical & start doing crunches soon cause well everyone has a plateau when they diet there is only so much cutting out certain foods will do. I didn't cut out an extreme amount of food either I got rid of most of my sweets {besides the protein bar}, NO more SODA! I'm not a huge soda fan to begin with but I cut it out I honestly can't remember the last time I had a sip of soda I guarantee if everyone cut soda out of their lives they would lose so much weight, yes cutting it out if you have it everyday can be very hard you will get a headache cause well your body if use to the caffeine but it is an addiction so it makes sense. And no eating fast food. This is a huge one, my parents are famous for treating me to McDonald's when they come over for lunch it's fast & easy food but did you know that a Big Mac meal is 920 calories that's most people's entire day of calories that would mean you'd be allowed to eat that one meal for the day. YIKES! Needless to say I haven't had a Big Mac in awhile or anything from McDonald's for that matter. 

Now I'm not saying I don't have "cheat days" cause well I do! And when I do it's one meal "you didn't lose the weight with one good meal & you aren't going to gain it back with one bad meal"  which I have to say this quite is true! If you are craving that thin mint cookie then you should eat it, it won't kill you to eat it what matters is what you do after that cookie in other words don't sit on the couch & eat the whole cookie box {seriously I've done it!) 
With diets comes cravings & this week here are some of mine...
French Fires {it just sounds so good}
An all veggie pizza from mountain mikes {my mouth waters just thinking about it}
And I was craving Chinese food but it was satisfied on Sunday! :)

So there you have it my friends my diet & weight loss so far. I'll update you again once I've reached my goal weight. 

** this diet plan was specifically made to fit my life & goal weight. It is not a diet every one should try & may be too extreme for some people's lifestyles.