For the Love of Los Angeles!

"I close my eyes, inhale, and feel the rush of heat and energy that take my breath away." -Emily griffin

I love this city...
It's hard to put into words for someone to understand how you feel about a place, words come easier when it comes to telling someone how you feel about a person and more people can understand that feeling you can always miss and love a person it's harder to tell someone you miss and love a place and unless that person has also felt that way about somewhere. Most of the time you won't get a very understanding response. 

When I say I love LA I always get the same reaction and that same statements...
The people there are so rude, it's so trashy, ugh the smog, it smells horrible there, and the hardest one to have an answer for is...why? 
I have an answer for most of these questions, for the rudeness of the people comment everywhere you go has rude people yes some towns and cities are better and less likely to judge but if you find the right people you will see past the rudeness in others. I feel like this is where I fit in, growing up I'd buy these little questionnaire books they'd ask "where do you want to live when you grow up?" My response Los Angeles & Paris {no clue why I said Paris} but LA has always been "my place". And whenever I go there I'm not asked where I'm from I just fit, if I go some where else people ask if I'm from LA... I'm not.  

The trash... Hollywood blvd is not what it looks like in movies as a matter of fact it is over populated with tourists which makes it a little less "glamorous" everything is pretty in the moves and on tv. Vine actually has many hookers and pimps out at night and I can take you to their hotel if you'd like. They all had one thing in common everyone had come there for one reason to make it and to make a life of there own, some lives just didn't turn out the way they expected. Life is not perfect and neither is LA I think that's another reason why I love it there, LA is very upfront with you "I'm not perfect on the outside but I've done & seen so many amazing things." 

The Smog... Does it suck? Yeah some days it does cause it hides a lot of the beautiful buildings that make LA what it is. When its a clearer day you can see so much more its gorgeous. 

You know that feeling you get when you step outside and you know it's a perfect day? The sun is shining, you can almost taste the warmth in the air as if you were devouring the day ahead, you could pretty much slip on anything and when you look up all you see are palm trees its the perfect day to go walking down Melrose... 

It pulls me right back and pulls me right into the city I love... The city I miss... Los Angeles you will always be my city.