Getting back to fit {Update número uno}

First off I'm going to start by saying I'm sorry for my absence , I just needed to take a little break from blogging but I'm back! 

I'm starting my being back with my post baby weight loss update! Excited? No? Well you should be cause I'm thrilled! So far I've lost 5.9lbs & I have 4 more left to go till I'm at my goal weight. 

So you may be asking what have I done differently? Well first off I downloaded the my fitness pal app it is the best app if you are ready to shed some pounds off even if you just what to keep track of you meals everyday. So here is a glimpse into my daily meal plan.

Breakfast-I start off with a nice healthy & oh so yummy bowl of Special Ks Red Berries cereal. You know that commercial where the women say they are losing weight by eating this cereal? Well it is real! {go figure} but I only stick with the calories portion size which is not as hard as it sounds that's 1 cup of cereal & maybe a half of cup of milk. It may not sound like a lot but once I trained my body into being use to this it was very simple to not get hungry a hour or two later & won't make me retain water since it isn't that much milk. 

Lunch - my lunch is consists of one thing & one thing only... A sandwich. I'm not a huge fan of different types of meat or crazy sandwich styles so the two I've stuck with are turkey mesquite  or egg salad sandwich. I still use mayo either best foods or smart balance is also a good one cause it has omega in it! Again though I use specific measurements 90 calories for 1 tablespoon of mayo it really isn't that much but enough for me and for the turkey meat I specifically count out 7 slices of the Oscar Meyer thin slice & I make it work for my calories for the day. 

After lunch is when I have my snacks I give myself two snacks to eat before dinner I either have my strawberries which for 1 cup is 54 calories, a double dark chocolate nutrition bar {if I'm craving chocolate} which is 190 calories, or a snack size bag of pirates booty which is only 65 calories! 

Dinner - Kind of the most boring meal of the day to be quite honest but by the time it comes around & everything is done cooking I'm so hungry that I don't care what it is. Which it is either chicken, fish, or beef with of course a starch & a veggie. 

Dessert - NOTHING :( {sad but true} if I'm craving ice cream I get frozen yogurt with strawberries & chocolate chips it is DELICIOUS! 

My diet in a nutshell, it has been really easy so far but I have a feeling I'm going to need to be hoping on that elliptical & start doing crunches soon cause well everyone has a plateau when they diet there is only so much cutting out certain foods will do. I didn't cut out an extreme amount of food either I got rid of most of my sweets {besides the protein bar}, NO more SODA! I'm not a huge soda fan to begin with but I cut it out I honestly can't remember the last time I had a sip of soda I guarantee if everyone cut soda out of their lives they would lose so much weight, yes cutting it out if you have it everyday can be very hard you will get a headache cause well your body if use to the caffeine but it is an addiction so it makes sense. And no eating fast food. This is a huge one, my parents are famous for treating me to McDonald's when they come over for lunch it's fast & easy food but did you know that a Big Mac meal is 920 calories that's most people's entire day of calories that would mean you'd be allowed to eat that one meal for the day. YIKES! Needless to say I haven't had a Big Mac in awhile or anything from McDonald's for that matter. 

Now I'm not saying I don't have "cheat days" cause well I do! And when I do it's one meal "you didn't lose the weight with one good meal & you aren't going to gain it back with one bad meal"  which I have to say this quite is true! If you are craving that thin mint cookie then you should eat it, it won't kill you to eat it what matters is what you do after that cookie in other words don't sit on the couch & eat the whole cookie box {seriously I've done it!) 
With diets comes cravings & this week here are some of mine...
French Fires {it just sounds so good}
An all veggie pizza from mountain mikes {my mouth waters just thinking about it}
And I was craving Chinese food but it was satisfied on Sunday! :)

So there you have it my friends my diet & weight loss so far. I'll update you again once I've reached my goal weight. 

** this diet plan was specifically made to fit my life & goal weight. It is not a diet every one should try & may be too extreme for some people's lifestyles. 

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