Happy 26th Birthday to ME!

Wow really 26? I can't believe it for a little while I have to be honest I didn't like birthdays for a little while it meant time was moving too fast, that I was getting well... Older. But getting older is obviously a wonderful thing & the older you get the wiser you get I hope! 

So you might ask did my 10 years ago self think I'd be here, where I am today? The answer is yes!
I didn't think I'd be anywhere else at this point, I wanted to be a wife, I wanted to be a mama & I wanted us to own our own house home. My 25th year was a huge year for me I was pregnant & we were in the process of getting our home. Did I think we'd be living in a small town in the middle of no where? NO! Lol but life has unexpected turns & I've always done my best to imbrace them. I can't wait to see what my 26th year will bring to me, god only knows!

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