Kayden's 9 Month stats

I'm totally two days late for this but for a good reason... I wanted to know how much he weighed! And this wasn't an easy task he is quite the wiggle worm now. And his 9 month pictures speak for themselves they were very hard to take since he is always moving but I love it. He has grown so fast & has mastered so much in such a short amount of time! I can't believe in 3 months my baby will be a year old!

Weight: 19lbs {give or take}
Length: 29in {easier to measure since he stands}

Skills: crawls EVERYWHERE!, can pull himself up & stand as long as he is holding onto something. I'm pretty sure by next month he will be waking! Am I ready? Not really, am I excited? Yes! I can't wait to see him walking around & trying to get it down to a science.

Sleep: Still a co sleeper & still waking up for 3 bottles a night. Some nights are better than others though I will admit I just hope he gets down to sleeping through the night soon cause I'd like him to be sleeping in his bed by his first birthday. {we finally got our monitor so this is possible now}