My little strawberry

When Kayden was born it was all very serial, while we were in the surgery room I didn't have much time to bond with him I saw him for maybe 5 seconds at the most before he was whisked off to be cleaned. After 2 hours of my being in the recovery room I finally got to see him again like every mom does I examined him I counted his fingers & little toes everything I could admire I did before they told me they had to take him to the NICU. Once they told me he wouldn't be in my room with me I was devastated I just didn't understand what could be wrong since my pregnancy was very "text book". 

After they got him ready in his little room I did everything I could to get into being able to walk so I could see him. Thankfully I got a wonderful night nurse who helped be get my butt out of bed and walk. The next morning I was able to walk in the room to go see Kayden as I got closer I thought I was seeing things, I thought someone had been in there kissing my baby but I was so wrong Kayden had a strawberry. Greg even noticed it then we thought someone poked him & the blood was clotting of something but the nurses assured us that it was a strawberry & he was "kissed by an angel". I loved that idea since he was in there I knew a guardian angel is what he needed. 

Kayden of course got better after being in the hospital for 7 days {7 days in the hospital feels like Forever!} When we started going out some people would notice the strawberry & others wouldn't, some would know what it was & some would ask. It doesn't bother me when people ask but lately I've noticed others seem bothered by it. 

Personally I love it I think it's cute & I think it makes Kayden a little different it does look like a little kiss. But others make comments like "when he's older you can have surgery to remove it." I would NEVER have surgery to remove it unless it was hurting Kaydens health cause sometimes strawberries can affect a child's health depending on where they are located. Kaydens doctor told us his would eventually go away as he got older, which I'm not concerned with, kids don't really know what it is & when they ask about it most say "oh he has a boo boo." Which I think is cute but most parents will say "oh no he's okay it's a strawberry." They of course look at their parents a little confused but go on about their business. 

I know how cruel kids can be when you are growing up & I do hope Kaydens birthmark isn't some he'll be teased about I'll just tell him to tell people it's cause his mommy ate too many strawberries while he was in my belly {cause its totally true I ate them every day}