8 years later

2005 was a big year for me and I didn't think I would have met my future husband that year but I did... At a party... after his first drink... EVER! Nope didn't think that would happen not many single girls find their future husbands tipsy and after being sat on but it did, he even bought me our pup Frenchie only a few months after knowing me and then 2 years later we got engaged and then 3 years later we got married in 2008 and then in 2012 we had our baby boy who is coming up on a year old! Time flys {like I've said a million times before} sometimes I just sit there watching him with Kayden or playing with Frenchie and think "is this real life?" Yes Marie the answer is it is! And now we've been together for 8 years and many more to come. It hasn't always been easy, and our love has been tested many times but we have stuck together through it all. I love you Greg and am so happy you've been my boyfriend for 8 years... You had me at "I'll make you spaghetti."

Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

Happy 1 Year Anniversary to us! Living in our home that is! I can't believe we've already been here for a year. And this house is definitely turning into a home. We've gotten most of the rooms done in some way or another & if they aren't done yet we have an idea of what we want to do to each one. 

It was not easy finding our home, but we met the dead line we gave ourselves last year & that was to be moved into a home before Kayden was born. His room was the first to complete & after that we finished the dinning room & also the front family room. We still have the master, a living room,  a second baby room {maybe}, & a theater room to do. Will we be in this home forever? who knows but for now & the years to come we are planning on it. 

What my Loved one says about me

I wrote Greg {my hubby} an email & this is what is read....

Dear boo boo, so I have a blog assignment for you & it's from one of my favorite blogs from mrs. to mama! I would like you to write 10 random facts about me that only someone really extremely close to me would know! Sounds like fun? Say yes hunny sounds wonderful! So this is your assignment :) love your wife :) 

And not too long after as if he had been thinking about it for months Greg sent me my list. And I have to say I was surprised but I'm not sure why I would be, here it is my 10 random facts from my loved one.

          1. When you think you like to put your finger up to your nose.
2. When you want something you say never mind, which prompts people to ask what it is.
3. Your memory is unreal, very similar to a tape recorder that I can play back whenever I like...or when it's not in my favor.
4. You prefer to spend money on others before yourself.
5. You would rather live in a small trailer in LA, than a mansion anywhere else.
6. You have a fear of not being a good mother, even though I know you are.
7. When you laugh really hard you start to snort a little which only makes you laugh harder.
8. You wish you could see your friends more often.
9. When you want something you never give up until you have it.
10. You love angel food cake with strawberries and cool whip. 

After reading this I giggled he does listen to me & does watch what I'm doing even with the craziness of our life. It made me wonder what other random facts about me are out there that loved ones know I started to wonder what Becca or Jenna or my mom or what even my dad knows about me. Maybe we will have to do this again!

Kayden's 10 Month stats

I'm in shock how face this year has gone by only 2 more months and you'll be a year old! This month we didn't have an appointment but I'm guessing you are nearing 21lbs I'm sure I'm wrong but that my guess. And for height I think you are 30 ins now which still amazes me since mama and dada aren't extremely tall. 

This month I've noticed you have associated mama and dada with pictures which is a huge deal. 
You love your Elefun toy cause the air blows on your face. :)
You have started grabbing your walker and using it to walk to where you want to go and you are starting to understand you need to turn it in order to go back the other way. This means one thing and that is before I know it you will be walking everywhere! 
{your curious face}
{you LOVE bubbles}

I wonder what you'll be...

SAIL the seas
DIG for worms 
CATCH a firefly
FLYto the Moon
LISTEN to your mama

I think about this often I'm always wondering what you will be one day I saw a documentary where the people in it had no hands but they could do Anything and Everything you could think of play a guitar and fly a plane. After the show was over i was amazed I looked at you and told you "to not let anyone tell you you couldn't do something because you could do anything you wanted, except be a lazy bum cause no one got anywhere doing that."

You often show intelligence and a curiousness that just shows me you are learning something new, you are so very young but I feel like I can just see your mind working and processing it all. I do hope you go to college, maybe study abroad or just travel the world. I know for sure you will be adventurous. You love listening to music so you could end up being a musician, you love looking at how things are put together so you could some day be a mechanic, and lately you've show an interest in teeth so who knows one day you could be a dentist. I hope you will always be a gentleman.

What ever you end up doing, I hope you follow your heart and just be the best you you can be cause being you will never fail.

Kayden's First Easter

Well it was a long & beautiful Easter weekend Saturday was sunny & Sunday we got rain, thunder & lightening {I love thunder & lightening!}

On Saturday we spent the day with my mother in law & she made us a "family" Easter basket we got lots & lots of chocolate & Kayden got a Easter cup & some new clothes {they are so cute}. We went out to lunch & shopped my two favorite places lately Target & Lowes!
{New ottoman I got from Target I'm so in love with it & anything Threshold}

{Kayden's first ride at Lowe's}

We finally figured out how we are going to paint our built in that Victor made us for Christmas & I can't wait to see it finished. The "table top" {not the technical term} is going to be stained, I'm NOT a huge fan of the brown wood look so this is what was holding me back for so long but we found a sun bleached wood stain & it is PERFECT! 

After that we picked what color white we wanted & ended up choosing Birch White I can't remember who makes it but I'm ready to make this a beautiful built in.

On Sunday we had planned on spending some of the day with my parents & brother & sister in law. In the morning Kayden awoke to his Easter basket that the bunny brought him. He loved his books & frog the most.

Shortly after grandma & grandpa arrived with another Easter basket for him & he got some more books which of one very important his very first Easter book which is the story of why we really celebrate Easter.

Once my brother arrived we decided to make the drive over to Modesto & have some sushi! I got my favorite Lion King rolls & got my mom & dad to try it & they loved it {I knew they would} After lunch on our way back home we stopped off at Bass Pro Shop in Manteca & Kayden LOVED it! They have many animals to look at {stuffed} & they have a fish tank with waterfall Kayden's favorite part was the waterfall he could not keep his eyes off of it.

When we were leaving all of a sudden it started to hail so we had to made a mad dash to the car & changed Kayden's diaper cause I didn't bring the diaper bag in. Kayden only took one nap so he was exhausted by the time we got home.

We had a great weekend & one we will never forget I hope all of you had a great Easter 2013.