8 years later

2005 was a big year for me and I didn't think I would have met my future husband that year but I did... At a party... after his first drink... EVER! Nope didn't think that would happen not many single girls find their future husbands tipsy and after being sat on but it did, he even bought me our pup Frenchie only a few months after knowing me and then 2 years later we got engaged and then 3 years later we got married in 2008 and then in 2012 we had our baby boy who is coming up on a year old! Time flys {like I've said a million times before} sometimes I just sit there watching him with Kayden or playing with Frenchie and think "is this real life?" Yes Marie the answer is it is! And now we've been together for 8 years and many more to come. It hasn't always been easy, and our love has been tested many times but we have stuck together through it all. I love you Greg and am so happy you've been my boyfriend for 8 years... You had me at "I'll make you spaghetti."


  1. OMG..."is this real life?"....I say that alllll the time..... (with the thought of that kid coming home from the dentist all wacked out obv). Love this!