Kayden's 10 Month stats

I'm in shock how face this year has gone by only 2 more months and you'll be a year old! This month we didn't have an appointment but I'm guessing you are nearing 21lbs I'm sure I'm wrong but that my guess. And for height I think you are 30 ins now which still amazes me since mama and dada aren't extremely tall. 

This month I've noticed you have associated mama and dada with pictures which is a huge deal. 
You love your Elefun toy cause the air blows on your face. :)
You have started grabbing your walker and using it to walk to where you want to go and you are starting to understand you need to turn it in order to go back the other way. This means one thing and that is before I know it you will be walking everywhere! 
{your curious face}
{you LOVE bubbles}