What my Loved one says about me

I wrote Greg {my hubby} an email & this is what is read....

Dear boo boo, so I have a blog assignment for you & it's from one of my favorite blogs from mrs. to mama! I would like you to write 10 random facts about me that only someone really extremely close to me would know! Sounds like fun? Say yes hunny sounds wonderful! So this is your assignment :) love your wife :) 

And not too long after as if he had been thinking about it for months Greg sent me my list. And I have to say I was surprised but I'm not sure why I would be, here it is my 10 random facts from my loved one.

          1. When you think you like to put your finger up to your nose.
2. When you want something you say never mind, which prompts people to ask what it is.
3. Your memory is unreal, very similar to a tape recorder that I can play back whenever I like...or when it's not in my favor.
4. You prefer to spend money on others before yourself.
5. You would rather live in a small trailer in LA, than a mansion anywhere else.
6. You have a fear of not being a good mother, even though I know you are.
7. When you laugh really hard you start to snort a little which only makes you laugh harder.
8. You wish you could see your friends more often.
9. When you want something you never give up until you have it.
10. You love angel food cake with strawberries and cool whip. 

After reading this I giggled he does listen to me & does watch what I'm doing even with the craziness of our life. It made me wonder what other random facts about me are out there that loved ones know I started to wonder what Becca or Jenna or my mom or what even my dad knows about me. Maybe we will have to do this again!