Kayden's 11 Month stats

Seriously? I mean seriously? My baby boy is 11 months old? And in 1 more month he will be a year old? How does this happen so fast? Did my parents feel this way when I was growing up? Probably. I mean when I was pregnant they always said "I can't believe our baby is having a baby now."

Things that have happened this month so far.

Kayden you are now taking more risks like crawling up the stairs on mama and dadas anniversary. And just recently you started standing up without holding onto anything way more than before which everyone says when they see you "he is on the brink of walking." We will see though I'm not pushing you, you are figuring it out all on your own. You have reduced your feedings at night to only two times which is really nice but I wish it was a full 8 hours, beggars can't be choosers though.
You are officially in your front facing seat which you love cause you an see everything but still totally hate car seats doesn't ever surprise me though you and your dad are wiggle worms. You started "talking" more after this really crazy growth spurt you had and smiling/laughing more. When you are talking you use your hands a lot like you are super Italian I'm not sure where you got this from you are part Italian but none of us use are hands like this. {it's adorable}

You love it when we get on the floor and chase you. If dad is laying on the ground you go over and start pounding on him. You started using us and other objects to pull yourself up on the couch. You've been eating amazing you are way more interested in the food we eat and most of it you can eat. When dad gets home from work you hear the garage door open and you and Frenchie head over to the baby gate to greet him. In a few more weeks we will be taking our first family photos and your first birthday ones, I can't wait.

Maybe Baby... Number Two?

No this isn't an announcement that we are pregnant, I'm not even sure of how I'd announce it the next time around. 

Call me crazy... No seriously you can call me crazy, but I'm already thinking about baby number two & well Kayden isn't even a year old yet. Hubby & I actually talk about it quite a bit & there is no pressure of having our second we haven't been asked yet, well only by my best Becca but she is my friend & was just pregnant with her second right now so I expect it.  :) 

I think about it all the time to be honest I do eventually want another baby & I want Kayden to grow up with another sibling, I think there will be a lot of things he can learn from having a sibling. I also want to enjoy Kayden right now I want to give him all the love & attention I can cause lets face it once another baby enters the picture I won't be able to give him my undivided attention as much as I do now. 
I hate to even say it but I really want a little girl next. I LOVE my little boy to the moon & back, I understand why other moms say there is no other kind of love like the love you have for your son, but I also worry can I love another little boy as much as I love this little boy? Does that sound silly? {Umm yeah of course it does} I know I'll love all our babies no matter the sex cause in the end all that really matters is a happy healthy baby. But a little girl is on my mind.

Before we have our second I have a few guidelines I guess you could say not major things but things I'd like to be done before then 

Go on a family vacation {no where major just to Newport or Disneyland}
Lose the baby weight I have from Kayden 
Get Kayden potty trained or close to
Get Kayden in a Gymboree class or mommy & me class

Maybe baby number two isn't far away but I'm enjoying being a mommy to the one who made me one for now. 


Amelia's Big Sister Bag

So my niece & goddaughter is going to be a big sister which is a big deal! I know Amelia will be a wonderful big sister she helps with Kayden all of the time when ever we hangout with her, she brings his bottles, she use to hold them in his mouth for him, she helps me change him & she even holds his pacifier for him & when ever he would cry she'd look over with her concerned face & say "baby sad" she loves her cousin "baby Kay" so I know she will love her baby brother Ben & try to help mommy when he finally arrives. 

So me being the spoiling kind of auntie that I am, I decided to put together a big sister bag for Amelia just fun things she can do if she is with mommy & daddy at the hospital or if mama needs her to keep busy while she is taking care of Benjamin. And we all know she may a times feel like she isn't getting as much attention so hopefully the bag will put a little smile on her face. 

Birdie bag & Crayon holder
{both purchased from Celine Creations on Etsy}

a little Kodak camera to take pictures of baby brother or whatever she is inspired by
{bought at walgreens, I was going to buy a digital one for her but I know mommy wants to do that with her}

I'm the big sister photo album to put her photos in!

Glitter Crayons! 
{I'm not sure if she's had glitter crayons before but what little girl doesn't love a little glitter}

& a Melissa & Doug coloring book all Princess!