Amelia's Big Sister Bag

So my niece & goddaughter is going to be a big sister which is a big deal! I know Amelia will be a wonderful big sister she helps with Kayden all of the time when ever we hangout with her, she brings his bottles, she use to hold them in his mouth for him, she helps me change him & she even holds his pacifier for him & when ever he would cry she'd look over with her concerned face & say "baby sad" she loves her cousin "baby Kay" so I know she will love her baby brother Ben & try to help mommy when he finally arrives. 

So me being the spoiling kind of auntie that I am, I decided to put together a big sister bag for Amelia just fun things she can do if she is with mommy & daddy at the hospital or if mama needs her to keep busy while she is taking care of Benjamin. And we all know she may a times feel like she isn't getting as much attention so hopefully the bag will put a little smile on her face. 

Birdie bag & Crayon holder
{both purchased from Celine Creations on Etsy}

a little Kodak camera to take pictures of baby brother or whatever she is inspired by
{bought at walgreens, I was going to buy a digital one for her but I know mommy wants to do that with her}

I'm the big sister photo album to put her photos in!

Glitter Crayons! 
{I'm not sure if she's had glitter crayons before but what little girl doesn't love a little glitter}

& a Melissa & Doug coloring book all Princess! 


  1. What a cute idea!!! Don't you just love spoiling little kiddos?! :)