Maybe Baby... Number Two?

No this isn't an announcement that we are pregnant, I'm not even sure of how I'd announce it the next time around. 

Call me crazy... No seriously you can call me crazy, but I'm already thinking about baby number two & well Kayden isn't even a year old yet. Hubby & I actually talk about it quite a bit & there is no pressure of having our second we haven't been asked yet, well only by my best Becca but she is my friend & was just pregnant with her second right now so I expect it.  :) 

I think about it all the time to be honest I do eventually want another baby & I want Kayden to grow up with another sibling, I think there will be a lot of things he can learn from having a sibling. I also want to enjoy Kayden right now I want to give him all the love & attention I can cause lets face it once another baby enters the picture I won't be able to give him my undivided attention as much as I do now. 
I hate to even say it but I really want a little girl next. I LOVE my little boy to the moon & back, I understand why other moms say there is no other kind of love like the love you have for your son, but I also worry can I love another little boy as much as I love this little boy? Does that sound silly? {Umm yeah of course it does} I know I'll love all our babies no matter the sex cause in the end all that really matters is a happy healthy baby. But a little girl is on my mind.

Before we have our second I have a few guidelines I guess you could say not major things but things I'd like to be done before then 

Go on a family vacation {no where major just to Newport or Disneyland}
Lose the baby weight I have from Kayden 
Get Kayden potty trained or close to
Get Kayden in a Gymboree class or mommy & me class

Maybe baby number two isn't far away but I'm enjoying being a mommy to the one who made me one for now.