My Dear You're 1 Year!

I can't believe it little man you are officially 1 year old! 
Where did the year go? How'd you get so smart? My little munchkin you have brought us so much love & light this year I can't even explain it... You know this feeling you give me dada & I say it all the time "we could squeeze you till you pop!" But we won't pop you we'd miss you too much.

I still remember the day I found out we'd be having our first baby, it was just a normal check up for mama I had taken at least 6 pregnancy tests before that day they all said negative but I knew you were in there I just knew it. I told the nurse I wanted to take one she said go for it, so I did just that. I remember waiting for Dr. Oliveira to come in the room for my exam & to tell me the news of what the test said. I remember looking outside it was raining that day even thunder & lightening. I kept thinking what if it says no again I kept saying in my head whatever you do don't cry just keep it in, don't cry. Then the door opened Dr. Olivera came in  my heart was beating so fast & then she said "well the lines are very faint you see but the test says positive! You are going to have a baby!" I was so excited the lines were so faint but it was you, the whole time I was getting my blood drawn I was smiling I couldn't wait to tell your dad. Once daddy got home from work I told him he cried cause he was so happy, {Should I not have said that?} but its important to know we loved you from the moment we found out.

Today is a big deal birthdays in general are a big deal! I prayed a lot for you & for god to protect you, I just want to keep you safe in a little bubble but I know I will not always be able to do that. As I'm writing this you are sleeping peacefully in my lap I know some day you won't want to do this I know this will all flash bye & I'll think where did the time go? So little mister enjoy your first birthday eat as much cake as your little heart desires & play with your friends. And know everyone loves you. Mama & Dada love you.

                                                         Happy Birthday little man!

{*All photos taken by Ellevor Photography}