Our family weekend

When you have a weekend like we did I think you should blog about it. We didn't do anything crazy or fabulous cause it was perfect!

Thursday I wasn't feeling so hot & in all seriousness I started to cry cause I felt so warn out. So hubby surprised me & stayed home Friday! I was so happy so I cried some more {it was that time of the month, it didn't help}

Friday I woke up feeling much better & ready for us to start our day I cleaned up the kitchen, which I really think I should start doing every night instead of every morning. And Greg went out to clean up the front yard before my nephew came out to spend the night. We went shopping for some groceries at Target {of course} then we headed back home to hang out with my nephew & brother.

We finally put together Kaydens gift my brother got him for his birthday {hello a month later, the sink faucet will be the same I'm sure} anywho Kayden LOVED his little ATV so much in fact he cried when we put it away to charge it more. After my brother left we went to go eat dinner at the Cheesecake Factory with my nephew. It was definitely different than when we use to take him out when he was 12, he didn't want McDonald's this time & wasn't upset when we went to the Cheesecake Factory... he just didn't want cheesecake.
Later that night after Kayden went to bed Greg & Greg {yes my nephews name is Greg} went to the gym while I read more of my book.

The next day we went to Pleasanton & ran errands for a little while then we went to the parks around town so Gregory could ride his bike & we could go for a walk. It was a fun day & we all even got to take a nap before my brother came to pick Gregory up.

Sunday we had planned on going to Super franks  so we decided to invite the Orbegosos along for the fun. Luckily the two best rooms were open to play in & two rooms for the day were enough. Kayden had an amazing time even better than on his birthday. He was up walking around the room, chasing the kids around in the cars & then the staff started the bubble machine! Kayden lost it, then they turned the music on & Kayden was in heaven, music & bubbles & my baby is extremely happy! At one point they stopped the bubbles so Kayden walked over to the girl that worked there and started "talking" to her I imagine the conversation went something like this, "where are the bubbles? You better start the bubbles again cause I really like them. All I want is to dance & watch the bubbles." The girl thought he was hilarious & I have to agree. Once we were done in the room we went to the fish tank room to play in the jump house & the foam pit. Him & Amelia had a blast jumping with their dads & playing with Becca & I in the foam pit.

After super franks Greg surprised me with a manicure & pedicure while his mom & dad watched Kayden {he joined me} my nails & feet are feeling fabulous I might add! He even said we should do that more often, I'm not complaining.

All in all it was a pretty great weekend! :)

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These are a few of my favorite things...

The moment I hear the words "Favorite Things" I instantly think of The Sound of music & of my sister singing it in a talent show when I was younger. This isn't really a post about that song far from it actually but it is about favorite things & not any of mine just all about Kayden's favorite things!

 I had been shopping around for something special for his one year something for me to have as sweet reminder of my baby at this age, yes I write everything down for the most part but I wanted to really have something else to document it, I mean your baby does so many things in the first year of life & I finally found it one day when I was cruising around Etsy. The perfect everything all in one poster I wanted it for his birthday photoshoot & also at his party to put on display. I wasn't sure how it would turn out all i knew was that all of her other posters turned out beautiful & I'm happy I purchased it... it was perfect.

I highly recommend getting a favorite things poster from Moulage Collection for your little ones first birthday or honestly any other event in your life they are beautiful!

Kayden's 13 Month stats!

WHAT! It's been 1 year & a month since my little monster was born now! I feel like he's grown so much since his last update. We haven't had a doctor appointment & won't for awhile but mentally my boy has grown so much.

So Kayden happy 1 year & a month!
You officially sleeping through the night!!! And let me tell you this mama is very very very happy about this! Sometimes you'll fuss a little but I'm guessing its just bad dreams or the fact you have a cold right now.

You are walking now all over & you prefer to do so in the house we haven't seen you out in the stores doing it yet cause I'm sure you'd rather crawl and explore in a place like that but we will have to wait & see. I finally got it on video too! :)

Words. One day we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant and I decided to just tell you the word "go" not thinking it would be your new word & well now it is you say it all the time to just about everything! It's super cute but now it's getting a little hard to teach you new words since you love that one so much! But you have said "wow" a lot, you have said car, you know dog & what a dog is & this morning you said "kitty". Every time I hear you say something new I get so excited you amaze me Kayden.

I feel like I can see your little mind working & putting everything together. You are so interested in how things work. You figured out how to open the back door unless its locked {thank god}
I'm not really ready for you to master that completely. I can't wait to see what you learn & do next.

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A little Life update

Beside yesterday I've been pretty MIA on the blog & I must apologize but we were super busy planning birthday things & last month Greg took a whole week off of work which is a huge deal since had hadn't done that since Kayden was born, it was really nice to have him there every day that week. 

So a little update. We took our first family photos & I'm overly in love with them! Kayden turned 1! Which was of course a huge deal & for his birthday we had it in the park on the hottest day in June... You think I'm kidding but I'm not I seriously picked the hottest day {I should have been a forecast anchor} and to top it of there was NO breeze at all! The cake got hot, the cupcakes melted & I guess some people were so uncomfortable they complained to others who weren't there which kinda pissed me off till my best friend Jenna corrected them & said she had a great time. {Ps this is why she has been my friend for so long always optimistic} So it was hot but like Jenna said we had fun & Kayden was happy to spend time with everyone that came. It didn't go as "planned" but nothing ever does Kayden has taught me since the day he was born to just go with the flow & everything will pan out. 

The week off was great we finally took a trip to San Francisco, we ate doughnuts on the pier, shopped for socks since I forgot some for Kayden, watched the sea-lions, went to the aquarium, & at some lunch it was the day after the party & the weather was the complete opposite... Raining. 

On Kaydens actual birthday day we went to Super Franks! Kayden loved it & he tried to make some new friends even though the kids were a little older. He explored each of the play rooms his favorite was the under the sea theme & he loved being in the jump house with his daddy it was great. 

One weekend we had a spontaneous trip to the fair that is in town. Not much for Kayden to do at the fair but everyone else had fun & his cousin Amelia got to ride a pony for the first time she had a blast. 

Last week we got to take a trip to the lake with our second family the Bowersmiths. Kayden LOVES water! Seriously he was so excited to be cruising around the lake he had a blast. He swam around in Avilees tube even & honked the little horn on it, "jumped from grandpa Carl to grandma Terry, tried to eat some sand, played with auntie Jenna in the water and passed out on the way home. He loved it we will definitely be going back with daddy. 

And that is a little recap of what has been going on I'm hoping ill be doing more posts this month since the craziness has slowed down a bit. 

5 Years From Now

       I feel like my life just flashed before my eyes when I wrote that title for my post. Seriously 5 years from now it's crazy to think about... & makes me a little sad, my baby boy won't really be a baby anymore he'll be 6 & in kindergarten! He'll be talking up a storm & will be making me cute crafts from his kindergarten class that I can put on the fridge. 

My husband & I will have been married for 11 years & will have already renewed our wedding vows ;) {right hunny} I'm kinda holding him to that. It's crazy to think my husband may have switched jobs by that time. We could even have moved by that time. 

Kayden may have a baby brother or sister, hopefully a little sister god knows how much I want a girl but I know I'll love a little boy just as much & it will be just as perfect. What will my future baby look like will it look just like Greg or look more like me? I do know Kayden will be a wonderful big brother. 

Frenchie will be 13 years old... ugh that's a tough one to face she has been here since the beginning & she is our first baby. I know as long as she stays healthy she will still be here for the next 5 years. 

And for me I'll be in my 30's! NOW I feel old, I hope by that time I will have accomplished some dreams of mine that have been spinning around in my head lately & I'm pretty sure I will. I hope to have made & established my own business. Not sure what it will be but I have an idea I just need it set in stone. 

I'm not sure where we will be at as a family but I know we will be together. Will we have moved? Will we still be living in California? God only knows & I'm excited to find out.