5 Years From Now

       I feel like my life just flashed before my eyes when I wrote that title for my post. Seriously 5 years from now it's crazy to think about... & makes me a little sad, my baby boy won't really be a baby anymore he'll be 6 & in kindergarten! He'll be talking up a storm & will be making me cute crafts from his kindergarten class that I can put on the fridge. 

My husband & I will have been married for 11 years & will have already renewed our wedding vows ;) {right hunny} I'm kinda holding him to that. It's crazy to think my husband may have switched jobs by that time. We could even have moved by that time. 

Kayden may have a baby brother or sister, hopefully a little sister god knows how much I want a girl but I know I'll love a little boy just as much & it will be just as perfect. What will my future baby look like will it look just like Greg or look more like me? I do know Kayden will be a wonderful big brother. 

Frenchie will be 13 years old... ugh that's a tough one to face she has been here since the beginning & she is our first baby. I know as long as she stays healthy she will still be here for the next 5 years. 

And for me I'll be in my 30's! NOW I feel old, I hope by that time I will have accomplished some dreams of mine that have been spinning around in my head lately & I'm pretty sure I will. I hope to have made & established my own business. Not sure what it will be but I have an idea I just need it set in stone. 

I'm not sure where we will be at as a family but I know we will be together. Will we have moved? Will we still be living in California? God only knows & I'm excited to find out.