A little Life update

Beside yesterday I've been pretty MIA on the blog & I must apologize but we were super busy planning birthday things & last month Greg took a whole week off of work which is a huge deal since had hadn't done that since Kayden was born, it was really nice to have him there every day that week. 

So a little update. We took our first family photos & I'm overly in love with them! Kayden turned 1! Which was of course a huge deal & for his birthday we had it in the park on the hottest day in June... You think I'm kidding but I'm not I seriously picked the hottest day {I should have been a forecast anchor} and to top it of there was NO breeze at all! The cake got hot, the cupcakes melted & I guess some people were so uncomfortable they complained to others who weren't there which kinda pissed me off till my best friend Jenna corrected them & said she had a great time. {Ps this is why she has been my friend for so long always optimistic} So it was hot but like Jenna said we had fun & Kayden was happy to spend time with everyone that came. It didn't go as "planned" but nothing ever does Kayden has taught me since the day he was born to just go with the flow & everything will pan out. 

The week off was great we finally took a trip to San Francisco, we ate doughnuts on the pier, shopped for socks since I forgot some for Kayden, watched the sea-lions, went to the aquarium, & at some lunch it was the day after the party & the weather was the complete opposite... Raining. 

On Kaydens actual birthday day we went to Super Franks! Kayden loved it & he tried to make some new friends even though the kids were a little older. He explored each of the play rooms his favorite was the under the sea theme & he loved being in the jump house with his daddy it was great. 

One weekend we had a spontaneous trip to the fair that is in town. Not much for Kayden to do at the fair but everyone else had fun & his cousin Amelia got to ride a pony for the first time she had a blast. 

Last week we got to take a trip to the lake with our second family the Bowersmiths. Kayden LOVES water! Seriously he was so excited to be cruising around the lake he had a blast. He swam around in Avilees tube even & honked the little horn on it, "jumped from grandpa Carl to grandma Terry, tried to eat some sand, played with auntie Jenna in the water and passed out on the way home. He loved it we will definitely be going back with daddy. 

And that is a little recap of what has been going on I'm hoping ill be doing more posts this month since the craziness has slowed down a bit.