Kayden's 13 Month stats!

WHAT! It's been 1 year & a month since my little monster was born now! I feel like he's grown so much since his last update. We haven't had a doctor appointment & won't for awhile but mentally my boy has grown so much.

So Kayden happy 1 year & a month!
You officially sleeping through the night!!! And let me tell you this mama is very very very happy about this! Sometimes you'll fuss a little but I'm guessing its just bad dreams or the fact you have a cold right now.

You are walking now all over & you prefer to do so in the house we haven't seen you out in the stores doing it yet cause I'm sure you'd rather crawl and explore in a place like that but we will have to wait & see. I finally got it on video too! :)

Words. One day we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant and I decided to just tell you the word "go" not thinking it would be your new word & well now it is you say it all the time to just about everything! It's super cute but now it's getting a little hard to teach you new words since you love that one so much! But you have said "wow" a lot, you have said car, you know dog & what a dog is & this morning you said "kitty". Every time I hear you say something new I get so excited you amaze me Kayden.

I feel like I can see your little mind working & putting everything together. You are so interested in how things work. You figured out how to open the back door unless its locked {thank god}
I'm not really ready for you to master that completely. I can't wait to see what you learn & do next.

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  1. I feel like just the last six weeks or so my little guy has been growing so much mentally too! He'll be 13 months on the 21st....and it truly is amazing the stuff they pick up so quickly now after seeing or hearing it only once or twice!