Our family weekend

When you have a weekend like we did I think you should blog about it. We didn't do anything crazy or fabulous cause it was perfect!

Thursday I wasn't feeling so hot & in all seriousness I started to cry cause I felt so warn out. So hubby surprised me & stayed home Friday! I was so happy so I cried some more {it was that time of the month, it didn't help}

Friday I woke up feeling much better & ready for us to start our day I cleaned up the kitchen, which I really think I should start doing every night instead of every morning. And Greg went out to clean up the front yard before my nephew came out to spend the night. We went shopping for some groceries at Target {of course} then we headed back home to hang out with my nephew & brother.

We finally put together Kaydens gift my brother got him for his birthday {hello a month later, the sink faucet will be the same I'm sure} anywho Kayden LOVED his little ATV so much in fact he cried when we put it away to charge it more. After my brother left we went to go eat dinner at the Cheesecake Factory with my nephew. It was definitely different than when we use to take him out when he was 12, he didn't want McDonald's this time & wasn't upset when we went to the Cheesecake Factory... he just didn't want cheesecake.
Later that night after Kayden went to bed Greg & Greg {yes my nephews name is Greg} went to the gym while I read more of my book.

The next day we went to Pleasanton & ran errands for a little while then we went to the parks around town so Gregory could ride his bike & we could go for a walk. It was a fun day & we all even got to take a nap before my brother came to pick Gregory up.

Sunday we had planned on going to Super franks  so we decided to invite the Orbegosos along for the fun. Luckily the two best rooms were open to play in & two rooms for the day were enough. Kayden had an amazing time even better than on his birthday. He was up walking around the room, chasing the kids around in the cars & then the staff started the bubble machine! Kayden lost it, then they turned the music on & Kayden was in heaven, music & bubbles & my baby is extremely happy! At one point they stopped the bubbles so Kayden walked over to the girl that worked there and started "talking" to her I imagine the conversation went something like this, "where are the bubbles? You better start the bubbles again cause I really like them. All I want is to dance & watch the bubbles." The girl thought he was hilarious & I have to agree. Once we were done in the room we went to the fish tank room to play in the jump house & the foam pit. Him & Amelia had a blast jumping with their dads & playing with Becca & I in the foam pit.

After super franks Greg surprised me with a manicure & pedicure while his mom & dad watched Kayden {he joined me} my nails & feet are feeling fabulous I might add! He even said we should do that more often, I'm not complaining.

All in all it was a pretty great weekend! :)

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