These are a few of my favorite things...

The moment I hear the words "Favorite Things" I instantly think of The Sound of music & of my sister singing it in a talent show when I was younger. This isn't really a post about that song far from it actually but it is about favorite things & not any of mine just all about Kayden's favorite things!

 I had been shopping around for something special for his one year something for me to have as sweet reminder of my baby at this age, yes I write everything down for the most part but I wanted to really have something else to document it, I mean your baby does so many things in the first year of life & I finally found it one day when I was cruising around Etsy. The perfect everything all in one poster I wanted it for his birthday photoshoot & also at his party to put on display. I wasn't sure how it would turn out all i knew was that all of her other posters turned out beautiful & I'm happy I purchased it... it was perfect.

I highly recommend getting a favorite things poster from Moulage Collection for your little ones first birthday or honestly any other event in your life they are beautiful!