Dance & twirl cause you're the Birthday Girl!

It seems like just yesterday when I found out your mommy was pregnant with you Amelia & from the moment she did I just knew you'd change everyone's lives, for the better of course. Not that our lives were horrible but every life could use an open window to let the light in.

The day you were born I was stuck at work just waiting for a text from your mommy & daddy letting me know you & mom were doing good & you have finally entered the world. I got the text & was so happy, I knew you were coming that day but an auntie can't help but jump up & down in her work ready to spoil her niece. 

Uncle Greg & I went to visit you that day & you were so perfect but we didn't get to hold you we waited patiently for 2 months {I'm not kidding} we wanted to hold you & see you more but so did everyone else, so we wanted to give you a little space & quite time with your mom & dad it was a new journey for them.

The day I got to hold you I got lucky your mom was going to school that night & your dad was stuck in traffic so naturally auntie Marie to the rescue, it also helped I lived three doors away from you at the time. So there we were relaxing in your swing just enjoying life & you started to cry I will admit I kinda freaked out, but realized you'd be fine if I held you which mission accomplished you stopped crying shortly after. 

Since then we've seen you do a lot & I have the memories & abundant amount of photos to prove it... we've gone shopping, you've come to my old work, we've had lunch with mama, we've made molds of our noses with tortilla dough & you've danced with my son. I've seen you take you're first steps & I've seen you say your first words. I've seen you smile, I've seen you discover the beauty in a painting in a restaurant & I've seen you cry when you get a boo boo. Some day I'll see you grow into a lady & you won't want to hold aunties hand as you cross the street. At some point you may not think I'm cool anymore. But I hope you always remember how much your auntie loves you & how much you've made our lives better. I hope if you feel like you can't talk to mom & dad you know you can always come to me & I'll never judge you, your secrets our safe with me unless they make me worry, I have to protect you ya know. {& you can tell your mom cause well she is pretty understanding & cool}. 

Happy 3rd Birthday Amelia! I'm so happy to call you my niece & blessed to have you as my god daughter. The future is so bright for you Amelia & I hope you do everything your little heart desires. 

Be a Princess 
Run Barefoot 
Wish on dandelions 
Dance in the rain
Have a tea party
Make your own fairy tales 
Dream big 
Act like a Lady 
& Listen to your mama

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Bye Bye Bottles...

Say Hello to sippy cups! It is officially official Kayden is no longer on bottles. And it's just in time cause he will be having his 15 month appointment in a month in which his doctor suggested to be off of bottles before then. 

It was not an easy road to get here though & there was a lot of trial & error before we found the perfect formula to getting him to want a sippy cup instead of a B-O-T-T-L-E & that was the first stop. Stop using the word bottle! It was tough since that's what I would ask him if he wanted a bottle he got use to the word & so did we. Once I saw how much he started "loving" & really knowing the bottle I decided the doctor was right I needed to end this now & fast before he grew way too attached I didn't want to have a 2 years old still wanting a bottle. {no offense to any mom out there but it's just not for us.} 

So I cut them back if he wanted milk it had to be in a sippy cup, I'd bring bottles just in case situation cause believe me he was not having this new cup when he wanted a nap. Every time he saw it he thought it was water so I had to hold him & put it in his mouth to make him realize it really was Milk & it wasn't a trick. The first cups we tried were the Take & Toss they seemed great at first, they didn't leak & they were easy to clean. But as time went on I realized Kayden would get very upset mid way through & throw a fit {hey he isn't perfect} so I'd give it to him after he calmed down again but he'd get even more upset & it was more of a painful cry  he threw the cup & I then realized they were making him bite his tongue. 

I moved onto a different one that had the cool Disney Cars on it, I gave him the cup he examined it looking at the cars like I think I've seen these before & then gulped it down. It even passed the nap test, We found a winner! 

So that night we made a trip to good old Target & got all the First Years insulated sippy cups they had that were the same & on sale i might add. They were all Disney of course he was really happy with he saw the Mickey Mouse one.  It's funny I'm always a little nervous when starting to taking something away from Kayden to introduce a new & better thing but for the most part he always picks it up really fast & don't fight it well not too much anyway. I don't see taking his pacifier away going as smooth. 

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A New Anxiety

I've never been as anxious person ever in my life, emotional yeah for sure I could definitely have been considered the "cry baby" in my younger years but never an anxious person until Kayden was born.

Not until I became a mama did I feel like this a crazy need to protect my baby. Kayden & I have a very routined day to day until the weekend which is still also in a routine cause we are always going places with Greg. I didn't noticed I had this anxiety until we were invited to go to the lake with my best friend who is way more like a sister. I had told her we would definitely go with the family to the lake but the day before I got this strange anxiety because it wasn't in our routine. I got scared something would happen just because it wasn't in our day to day lives. I told Greg how I was feeling & he told me that it was exactly why we needed to go & do it.

He was right, we had to go {I wouldn't cancel anyway} but I had to put my anxiety  aside & just go & get out of the house & make a new memory with my baby. And the day was perfect, nothing went wrong & we had an amazing time with our family. The moment I got in the car the anxiousness went away who knows maybe it was a really bad case of butterflies. 

I need to remember this day, I need to not feel anxious, because we ended up having such a good time but for some reason this anxiousness is coming back again. I hate it if I keep feeling like this I'll never do anything in my life. Greg & I recently booked a trip to Vegas & I'm excited but I'm getting that feeling again, it will be the first time that we have left Kayden for longer than a couple hours he will be spending 3 nights with my parents & I'm feeling anxious being so far away from him. This will be my third time ever being on a plane & my first ever being away from my baby boy. I know I'm going to cry while we are away but I hope I can just put my worries aside & enjoy our getaway everyone needs one once in awhile, I need to remind myself it's only two days away from him & he'll be back in my arms once we touch back down in California. I'm letting a peace of my heart go out there in the world hoping he will be fine & make it back to me ok.  I know he is with two of the safest people he could be with while we take our trip & I know god will keep us all safe. 

As a mom do you ever feel like this? The anxious need to protect your baby from it all? 

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14 Month Update

I seriously can't believe it's already been 14 months since we had you but it has before I know it you'll be 2 & I just won't know what to do with myself anymore. We didn't go to the doctors this month so I'm not sure how much you weigh or how tall you are now we will know next month though so your 15 month update will be a little late. You are growing up really fast & becoming a not so little man & more like a big boy. 

This week I got an update saying what your baby should start doing this month, it said opening up cabinets & drawers to explore them, umm I have to say they are a little late on that since you've been doing the for the past 4 months I think but that's just it you seem to learn things so fast it still blows my mind to this day. 

Your favorite words are still... go, wow, dada, and dog which you pronounce like doog, It's pretty cute. I think I can officially say you are no longer on bottles & only on sippy cups {you go mister} ugh you make me so proud of you but now I'm not sure if we should eliminate the pacifier or diapers next... We will see. {any tips on either mamas insert comment below} 

 We bought you your first shoes! Walking shoes that is & you love them you go up to them & keep trying to put them on so I help cause you get a little frustrated since you don't know quite how to do it yourself yet. You are still getting the hang of walking around in them your favorite feature about them is how they light up on the side. 

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A "little brother" for Frenchie

Preparing For A Little One
Today I'm linking up with Wifessionals to tell you a little story about our dog Frenchie.

In April 2005 Greg & I met & totally fell in love with each other, on one of our first dates to the movies we decided to stop at Walgreens to get some movie candy while we were there I saw the cutest little stuffed animal dog I told him I really wanted a real dog again since it had been awhile of course he promised he'd get me one someday {I didn't believe him} cause well we had only been dating a couple weeks. My graduation was soon approaching & Greg said we should look for a dog weren't to many animal shelters but they were actually really low on how many animals they were bringing in & they were extremely rude to me.

We got home later that day & decided to check the news paper & just our luck a lady was selling a litter of chihuahuas close by she said she only had the Gray blue ones left & one tan. I had never seen array blue chihuahua before but I instantly fell in love with her the moment I saw her she was perfect & she nibbled at my finger so we picked her, she was family right away. 

As years have gone by Frenchie has grown to be our first baby, our fur baby she has been smothered with love & taken with us everywhere & I mean everywhere. Over time she became snappy with people she didn't know & children she was now an ankle bitter. I never thought she'd be like that since as a puppy she didn't have a mean streak in her but she has grown to be quite the little land shark. In 2011 when I found out I was pregnant I didn't know how Frenchie would take being a big sister. I made sure as time grew closer to my delivery date I included her in everything baby. I had her come with me to his room we have been setting up I had her smell this stuffed animals & blankets even though he wasn't born yet I wanted her to be use to the baby things that would soon consume our life's & I made sure I put a bed if hers in Kayden's room, she loved being in there to sunbathe & look at all the new stuff. 

The day came it was my last appointment & Kayden would soon be here, that night my water broke & I went into labor so we had Feenchie stay with Greg's parents while we were at the hospital for several days waiting to take Kayden home. On our final night since I had already been released we headed over to see Frenchie for a little bit she was so happy to see us & she looked at me kinda like where's my baby? I told her we'd be going home tomorrow & we gave her one of the blankets Kayden had slept in the night before so she could get familiar with his smell. The next day we were given the ok to go home so we got our stuff & our babies & did just that. Frenchie was all about Kayden when we got home she kept checking on him when he cried & smelled him it was way better than I expected! 

As time has gone on Frenchie & Kayden have gotten older Frenchie loves him sometimes. Like when he feeds her, or when she lets him nicely & doesn't try to pull her tail. She has snapped at him a couple times & once did bite him which she has to be punished for but she doesn't bite his ankles anymore & they play pully on Frenchies toys now. They both can make each other upset sometimes & Kayden loves to get her a little mad {he thinks its funny} but its a learning processes for us all. The moments that always melt my heart are when they play together, when Kayden lays with her in her bed, or when Frenchie comes up to Kayden & licks his face. 

She really loves Kayden even though they don't always get along but what are siblings for right? 

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Shhh he's sleeping...

Once we had Kayden I knew my sleep schedule would not be the same anymore & I had a feeling I wouldn't even be able to nap when Kayden did during the day. I was always way too worried something would happen while I took a nap so I just didn't & let's face it when you are tired you aren't exactly pleasant to be around. 

From the day Kayden was born up to 5 months he slept pretty good & so did I but once 6 months hit something changed Kayden wouldn't sleep for longer than 2 hours. Everywhere I went parents asked if he was sleeping though the night & when I told them I'd be lucky if he slept for 3 hours they looked at me puzzled like I was doing something wrong, " well are you letting him nap too long in the day?" They'd ask, Nope only a hour unless he's going through a growth spurt then 2. I'd get so frustrated I asked his doctor what to do & he said some babies just don't sleep through the night till they are a year old... Thanks! 

So I waited finally he turned a year old still nothing... Darn it what was I doing wrong? I figured it must be he really is just hungry. But one night we went to bed & I woke up at 6 like usual & realized he didn't wake up & of course in worried mommy fashion I ran to his room thinking something happened but nope nothing was wrong he was just peacefully sleeping. The day before this perfect nights sleep he had "mastered" walking & was no longer on formula so that may have had something to do with it. That day I also noticed he had more teeth, so teething may have been the cause of the sleepless nights. None the less I didn't want to jinx it so I didn't want to tell our family he was finally sleeping through the night. I waited a couple more nights & still he slept through the whole night! I was so happy & super proud of my little guy not sure why but I feel like he got over a huge hurdle & he was really growing up. 

FINALLY! I can now say my baby boy {who doesn't seem like a baby anymore is sleeping through the night! Was there a trick to it? Nope. Do I have an answer for all the moms out there trying to get your baby to sleep through the night? Nope. But I can say that believe me although its seems like you may never get a full night sleep again every cloud has a sliver lining & you will get a full night sleep eventually you just need to be patient. Now onto getting him off of bottles, that should be easy right?

Every Brunette needs a Blonde Best Friend

And every Blonde need a Brunette best friend, it's true you we're/are my first REAL brunette best friend {not that I had imaginary brunette friends & I'm not even a real blonde} but you were the first to really show me a bond that can't be broken even at the hardest of times in our lives.  

I've always thought its weird that when we run into people we've known they always say "I can't believe you both are still best friends." Like we would have different ones by now, And well I was insulted at first cause I thought it meant that we suck, but really I know it's because we are so much alike everything we've done & gone though we've faced it together. When you are going though something I seem to be going through it too. We both met at a time when it was hard for us to let girls in & be our friend, they let us down but we saw the same thing in each other & I think that's why our friendship is so unique, we just get it, everything... When most people well, wouldn't get it at all! 

We've been friends for 9 years & in those 9 years I've seen us go through a lot, love or the thought of relationships being love, road trips to unknown places & familiar roads we've driven on so many times, broken down cars & really fabulous ones that we could take on field trips, parties that we really never should have gone too it did anyway, also of course amazing ones that came with the best memories, things I hope our kids never do & incredible people they we would never forget but we have lost along the way.

Our journey, our friendship & our understanding for each other is unique & amazing all at the same time.  As we get older we will become more wiser {I hope} & become closer. No matter how far we travel or go in life I hope we stick together like we always have. I hope your 26th birthday is wonderful & I hope this year is even better than the last. 

PS After 9 years we still suck at taking photos together so our 26th birthday wish I'm making for you is to take more pictures with your best friend! :)
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