14 Month Update

I seriously can't believe it's already been 14 months since we had you but it has before I know it you'll be 2 & I just won't know what to do with myself anymore. We didn't go to the doctors this month so I'm not sure how much you weigh or how tall you are now we will know next month though so your 15 month update will be a little late. You are growing up really fast & becoming a not so little man & more like a big boy. 

This week I got an update saying what your baby should start doing this month, it said opening up cabinets & drawers to explore them, umm I have to say they are a little late on that since you've been doing the for the past 4 months I think but that's just it you seem to learn things so fast it still blows my mind to this day. 

Your favorite words are still... go, wow, dada, and dog which you pronounce like doog, It's pretty cute. I think I can officially say you are no longer on bottles & only on sippy cups {you go mister} ugh you make me so proud of you but now I'm not sure if we should eliminate the pacifier or diapers next... We will see. {any tips on either mamas insert comment below} 

 We bought you your first shoes! Walking shoes that is & you love them you go up to them & keep trying to put them on so I help cause you get a little frustrated since you don't know quite how to do it yourself yet. You are still getting the hang of walking around in them your favorite feature about them is how they light up on the side. 

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