A "little brother" for Frenchie

Preparing For A Little One
Today I'm linking up with Wifessionals to tell you a little story about our dog Frenchie.

In April 2005 Greg & I met & totally fell in love with each other, on one of our first dates to the movies we decided to stop at Walgreens to get some movie candy while we were there I saw the cutest little stuffed animal dog I told him I really wanted a real dog again since it had been awhile of course he promised he'd get me one someday {I didn't believe him} cause well we had only been dating a couple weeks. My graduation was soon approaching & Greg said we should look for a dog weren't to many animal shelters but they were actually really low on how many animals they were bringing in & they were extremely rude to me.

We got home later that day & decided to check the news paper & just our luck a lady was selling a litter of chihuahuas close by she said she only had the Gray blue ones left & one tan. I had never seen array blue chihuahua before but I instantly fell in love with her the moment I saw her she was perfect & she nibbled at my finger so we picked her, she was family right away. 

As years have gone by Frenchie has grown to be our first baby, our fur baby she has been smothered with love & taken with us everywhere & I mean everywhere. Over time she became snappy with people she didn't know & children she was now an ankle bitter. I never thought she'd be like that since as a puppy she didn't have a mean streak in her but she has grown to be quite the little land shark. In 2011 when I found out I was pregnant I didn't know how Frenchie would take being a big sister. I made sure as time grew closer to my delivery date I included her in everything baby. I had her come with me to his room we have been setting up I had her smell this stuffed animals & blankets even though he wasn't born yet I wanted her to be use to the baby things that would soon consume our life's & I made sure I put a bed if hers in Kayden's room, she loved being in there to sunbathe & look at all the new stuff. 

The day came it was my last appointment & Kayden would soon be here, that night my water broke & I went into labor so we had Feenchie stay with Greg's parents while we were at the hospital for several days waiting to take Kayden home. On our final night since I had already been released we headed over to see Frenchie for a little bit she was so happy to see us & she looked at me kinda like where's my baby? I told her we'd be going home tomorrow & we gave her one of the blankets Kayden had slept in the night before so she could get familiar with his smell. The next day we were given the ok to go home so we got our stuff & our babies & did just that. Frenchie was all about Kayden when we got home she kept checking on him when he cried & smelled him it was way better than I expected! 

As time has gone on Frenchie & Kayden have gotten older Frenchie loves him sometimes. Like when he feeds her, or when she lets him nicely & doesn't try to pull her tail. She has snapped at him a couple times & once did bite him which she has to be punished for but she doesn't bite his ankles anymore & they play pully on Frenchies toys now. They both can make each other upset sometimes & Kayden loves to get her a little mad {he thinks its funny} but its a learning processes for us all. The moments that always melt my heart are when they play together, when Kayden lays with her in her bed, or when Frenchie comes up to Kayden & licks his face. 

She really loves Kayden even though they don't always get along but what are siblings for right? 

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