Bye Bye Bottles...

Say Hello to sippy cups! It is officially official Kayden is no longer on bottles. And it's just in time cause he will be having his 15 month appointment in a month in which his doctor suggested to be off of bottles before then. 

It was not an easy road to get here though & there was a lot of trial & error before we found the perfect formula to getting him to want a sippy cup instead of a B-O-T-T-L-E & that was the first stop. Stop using the word bottle! It was tough since that's what I would ask him if he wanted a bottle he got use to the word & so did we. Once I saw how much he started "loving" & really knowing the bottle I decided the doctor was right I needed to end this now & fast before he grew way too attached I didn't want to have a 2 years old still wanting a bottle. {no offense to any mom out there but it's just not for us.} 

So I cut them back if he wanted milk it had to be in a sippy cup, I'd bring bottles just in case situation cause believe me he was not having this new cup when he wanted a nap. Every time he saw it he thought it was water so I had to hold him & put it in his mouth to make him realize it really was Milk & it wasn't a trick. The first cups we tried were the Take & Toss they seemed great at first, they didn't leak & they were easy to clean. But as time went on I realized Kayden would get very upset mid way through & throw a fit {hey he isn't perfect} so I'd give it to him after he calmed down again but he'd get even more upset & it was more of a painful cry  he threw the cup & I then realized they were making him bite his tongue. 

I moved onto a different one that had the cool Disney Cars on it, I gave him the cup he examined it looking at the cars like I think I've seen these before & then gulped it down. It even passed the nap test, We found a winner! 

So that night we made a trip to good old Target & got all the First Years insulated sippy cups they had that were the same & on sale i might add. They were all Disney of course he was really happy with he saw the Mickey Mouse one.  It's funny I'm always a little nervous when starting to taking something away from Kayden to introduce a new & better thing but for the most part he always picks it up really fast & don't fight it well not too much anyway. I don't see taking his pacifier away going as smooth. 

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  1. congrats momma! Funny how every kid has a different sippy cup they like. We did it cold turkey 2 weeks before she turned 1 and she did great, but will only use nuby.

  2. Thank you for sharing. My little is 9 1/2 months and we are just starting the sippy transition. Right now I am just putting water in it because she is learning to get the hang of it. Then I guess after reading a few blogs I will put her formula in it?

    Stopping by from Wifessionals sippy cup linkup.