Dance & twirl cause you're the Birthday Girl!

It seems like just yesterday when I found out your mommy was pregnant with you Amelia & from the moment she did I just knew you'd change everyone's lives, for the better of course. Not that our lives were horrible but every life could use an open window to let the light in.

The day you were born I was stuck at work just waiting for a text from your mommy & daddy letting me know you & mom were doing good & you have finally entered the world. I got the text & was so happy, I knew you were coming that day but an auntie can't help but jump up & down in her work ready to spoil her niece. 

Uncle Greg & I went to visit you that day & you were so perfect but we didn't get to hold you we waited patiently for 2 months {I'm not kidding} we wanted to hold you & see you more but so did everyone else, so we wanted to give you a little space & quite time with your mom & dad it was a new journey for them.

The day I got to hold you I got lucky your mom was going to school that night & your dad was stuck in traffic so naturally auntie Marie to the rescue, it also helped I lived three doors away from you at the time. So there we were relaxing in your swing just enjoying life & you started to cry I will admit I kinda freaked out, but realized you'd be fine if I held you which mission accomplished you stopped crying shortly after. 

Since then we've seen you do a lot & I have the memories & abundant amount of photos to prove it... we've gone shopping, you've come to my old work, we've had lunch with mama, we've made molds of our noses with tortilla dough & you've danced with my son. I've seen you take you're first steps & I've seen you say your first words. I've seen you smile, I've seen you discover the beauty in a painting in a restaurant & I've seen you cry when you get a boo boo. Some day I'll see you grow into a lady & you won't want to hold aunties hand as you cross the street. At some point you may not think I'm cool anymore. But I hope you always remember how much your auntie loves you & how much you've made our lives better. I hope if you feel like you can't talk to mom & dad you know you can always come to me & I'll never judge you, your secrets our safe with me unless they make me worry, I have to protect you ya know. {& you can tell your mom cause well she is pretty understanding & cool}. 

Happy 3rd Birthday Amelia! I'm so happy to call you my niece & blessed to have you as my god daughter. The future is so bright for you Amelia & I hope you do everything your little heart desires. 

Be a Princess 
Run Barefoot 
Wish on dandelions 
Dance in the rain
Have a tea party
Make your own fairy tales 
Dream big 
Act like a Lady 
& Listen to your mama

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